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Workwear Uniforms Guide

Workwear Uniforms Guide

Workwear Uniforms Guide

Looking for staff uniforms? Let us help you out with our work clothes guide.


Fabric is the foundation of all work clothing. It should be fit for purpose. These days the emphasis is on easy care fabrics that offer ‘breathability”.  Good quality work clothing will be sold with a care label.  It’s also worth looking at fabric weight when comparing prices. Avoid poly cottons if the fabric is less than 50% cotton. When in doubt ask for samples.


Does your work clothing need to comply with any standards? If so, check with the manufacturer before buying if it’s not obvious from garment descriptions.

Style and Design

Work clothing should create a professional impression and be comfortable to wear. Look for clothing that’s been designed with a job function in mind. For example, if a role involves stretching and lifting will the design of the clothing allow that? Has the manufacturer designed any special features?

For some sectors the design of clothing should help prevent the spread of bacteria i.e. short sleeved nurses’ dresses.

More and more workwear uniform manufacturers are offering clothing in a choice of colours. If your buying for an environment where different staff wear different coloured clothing, make sure your supplier has a range of suitable options.


Sizing is often a stumbling block.  The range of sizes on offer for men and women can be limited. If you’re buying in large quantities of workwear uniforms make sure the range of sizing is something like 8 to 28 for women. Men’s size ranges are typically smaller but you want to be able to cover S to X XL at the very least.

Cleaning and Practicalities

Avoid work clothing that needs to be dry cleaned.  Depending on the work environment, your requirements may include clothing that can be industrially laundered. Don’t assume this is the case if there is no mention of this on a garments description.

Work clothing also has to be practical. Do the designs have sufficient pockets?


Most companies want logos added to their work clothing. This gives employees a sense of belonging and makes staff easy to identify by clients and customers. 

Some suppliers offer an embroidery service and can create stitch logos directly onto garments or onto backing for easy removal. Prices vary but can include complicated stitch work.

Many suppliers have minimum order quantities but if you hunt around you’ll find suppliers with no threshold for orders.(just like Alsicare) This is ideal if you’re buying for yourself or wish to evaluate a supplier.

When evaluating prices you have to take all of the above in to consideration.