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Workwear for The Education Sector

Workwear for The Education Sector

Workwear for The Education Sector

Whether you’re teaching chemistry to a class of GCSE students or are a student nurse at medical school, there is one thing you have in common - you need workwear for the education sector.

Wearing the appropriate clothing not only helps protect your everyday clothes from spills and mishaps, but also serves to act as a type of uniform. In schools, colleges or universities, a professional look engenders a professional outlook and helps garner respect.

Here at Alsico we offer a wide range of educational workwear for colleges and schools throughout the country, to suit your requirements.

Our educational workwear ranges from lab coats for science classes to nurses’ tunics and medical scrubs for trainees in the healthcare industry. It comes in a variety of styles and colours but is always of the highest quality, to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness.

All garments we supply are built to last, so you know, for example, that the lab coats you order will be able to withstand chemical spills for years to come. Manufactured using the very latest fabric technology, they are also guaranteed to offer the best possible protection, whatever happens.

Workwear for colleges, universities and schools needs to be not only hard wearing and able to be easily cleaned, it must also be adaptable and comfortable. Our workwear is specially designed to provide all of these advantages and more. For example, our nurses’ tunics have easy fastenings which will not catch; air vents for added comfort while walking the wards; and several pockets for practicality.

An Alsico lab coat, meanwhile, is long enough to protect everyday clothing. They are made of a light but durable material and come with large pockets.

Why not review our range to see how we can help you dress yourself, your students or your colleagues in the most professional manner possible.