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Our hard wearing workwear clothing range offers quality uniforms for hardworking people. Ensuring excellent value, highest quality, flexible fabrics durability and comfort. Supplying the right garments to fit your working environment, whatever your role, is our area of expertise, allowing you to focus on yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Customers

What industries wear our work clothing?

Our workwear is popular with various industries due to the range’s versatility, expert finishes and fabrics, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. These include uniforms for the automotive, distribution and engineering industries, as well as workwear clothing for builders and many more.

What construction workwear should I buy?

Our most popular items with construction workers includes the Alsi and Gryzko Coveralls, the Alsi Stud Jacket, Gryzko Work Jackets, the Alsi Cargo Trousers with Reflective Tape, the 100% Cotton T-Shirt, and the Softshell Jacket.

What is PPE? And is your work uniform PPE approved?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing, apparatus and accessories that protect the wearer's health and safety. We do supply a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) garments which includes heat and flame workwear, hi vis work clothes, flame retardant clothing, Protal®, chemical splash and more. You will find our PPE clothing under our Protection category. 

What are your best work trousers?

Our best workwear trousers and most popular with Alsico customers are the:

  • Alsi Trouser
  • Alsi Ladies Cargo Trouser
  • Alsi Cargo Trouser with Reflective Tape
  • Gryzko Exclusive Trouser

When would I need to wear overalls at work?

Work overalls are essential when working with substances that may stain or ruin the work uniform underneath. This is why all our overalls are manufactured to have full length sleeves, trousers and button up fronts.

What is a work wear jacket?

A work wear jacket is a jacket that can be worn over top of work t-shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, and even overalls and coveralls. This type of jacket is worn to protect the clothes underneath from catching or spillages. We stock lightweight work jackets, as well as heavier duty ones and those manufactured with reflective tape for increased safety at work.

Leading Workwear Suppliers in the UK and Europe

Providing some of the best workwear in the UK, from coveralls to casuals, we’ll make sure your workers feel comfortable, look smart and are confident that they can depend on their durable garments - with work clothes for men and women available. With years of experience on our side, we understand that there’s certain criteria our work uniforms need to meet.

Health and safety expectations

Our uniforms range is hard wearing, not only for durability, but to ensure comfort for your workers in different environments and climates. Whether your team is out in the field in premium Gryzko jackets or greeting customers in a branded polo shirt, you can rest assure that they’re able to perform to the highest standard without compromising their safety. Investing in the correct work clothing for your employees will help to reduce the risk of accidents at work.

Excellent first impression

Attention to detail is key for all of our work clothes. Implementing the likes of concealed stud fastenings, functional pockets and action backs, enables your workforce to be productive and protected in style. Alongside our professional, comfortable and flexible work wear, we also offer a work clothes printing and embroidered service to add a personable touch to your uniforms. With the choice of embroidery, heat seal or transfer badges, you can personalise your uniforms in line with the company brand, reinforcing trust between your workers and customers.

Build your brand awareness

Our embroidered workwear service contributes towards brand recognisability amongst customers and the general public. Similarly to branded company transport and business cards, custom work uniforms helps customers to connect and easily identify your employees and the company they work for. Turn your workforce into walking brand ambassadors and your business will soar.

Innovation and performance

Whether it’s the use of high performance fabrics or the ability to design bespoke work clothes that meet your employees’ needs, we're the expert workwear supplier for you. As one of the largest producers of safety wear and work uniforms in the UK and Europe, we combine global knowledge with the ability to meet the unique demands of the UK workwear market. Our factories follow ETI or FLO-CERT guidance and the highest health & safety standards, so you can buy from us with complete confidence. If you need a supplier who can deliver all this and more, we've got you covered.