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Workwear Coats for all Industries

Workwear Coats for all Industries

Workwear Coats for all Industries

As a leading supplier of workwear, we have an extensive range of resources that ensure all our garments are designed with you in mind.We take time to understand you and the roles you work in. We are proud of our reputation and work tirelessly to always improve our products and service.

One example of our garment range is coats. One coat does not suit all industries. Here is an example of some of the different types of coats we offer.

Doctors Coats

We understand the demands on medical professionals such as doctors. Our doctor's coats will not let you down. Our range of doctor's coats are made from the very best durable fabric, we never compromise on quality. Our coats feature industry standard colours that fit with your professional look.

Lab Coats

Whether you're a science student or a lab technician our lab coats allow you to fulfil your professional role whilst looking the part too. For students taking part in practical lessons you need to protect your everyday clothing, our lab coats are designed by industry experts and are therefore an extremely high quality whilst ensuring affordability.

Food Trade Coats

When purchasing workwear for the food trade industry, corners should never be cut! Strict hygiene and safety protocols are in place and therefore your workwear should adhere to these standards too. Here at Alsico we understand your industry and know how small things such as concealed fastening is in fact a big thing. Purchasing workwear from Alsico gives our customers piece of mind.

Warehouse Coats

Warehouse teams can either work within visibility of customer or behind the scenes, our coats ensure a professional look whilst being designed for the tough role of a warehouse operative.

Our garments are designed by leading industry experts, no corners are cut when it comes to making garments fit for our customer's busy occupations.

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