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Why Branded Workwear is Great for Your Team & Work Ethic

Why Branded Workwear is Great for Your Team & Work Ethic

Why Branded Workwear is Great for Your Team & Work Ethic

Having a logo stitched to a uniform might just seem like a formality but at Alsico we understand the importance of having branded workwear. 

We believe that a logo is the foundation of your brand identity, core values and a powerful engine for team spirit and community. A logo is so much more than a simple image, it helps strengthen team morale and provides a sense of belonging, worn by employees who are proud to bear it. 

Here at Alsico, we offer an customisation service for embroidered workwear, so you can create the perfect uniform for your business and most importantly, for your team. If you’re not entirely sure whether branded workwear is the right choice for your team, we’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why you should opt for branded workwear, to help you decide. 

A sense of belonging

Branded workwear plays a key role in promoting pride and a sense of belonging within your company. It is imperative that your team feels connected to not only the company but each other, and sharing a symbol of unity can create a sense of comradery. Robert Baden-Powell, the man who founded the Scout movement, famously said “the uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and county.” Although he is talking more vaguely about uniform in general, it still mirrors our understanding of the power of branded workwear. 

Military emblems are some of the best examples of how we, as humans, begin to associate a symbol with unity such as the RAF Wings, the Marine KaBar, and the British Royal Navy Flag. These in particular exhibit that very sense of brotherhood that Baden-Powel was referring to. 

It works the same way in the corporate world. The sense of inclusivity and oneness is symbolised by that signature mark that not only links a team together but connects you more tangibly to your company's values. By identifying much more closely with the brand behind the company, your team will inevitably endeavor to live by their ideologies and function more efficiently together. 

Reputation reinforcement 

Research has shown that people who wear a uniform to work are more likely to uphold the standards of the institute they are representing, it is similar in schools. 

Perhaps this attitude has been installed in us from an early age, and now as working adults it becomes more apparent why uniforms in schools were incentivised. To contextualise this point, the Mercedes brand is a good example. Wearing the Mercedes logo - a symbol one associates with speed and luxury - we unintentionally feel more inclined to embody those characteristics. 

The customer will also have a preconceived conjecture of what kind of service they are going to receive - a benefit that works both ways.. Even more of an incentive for workplaces to uphold the company ethos! 

Increase in efficiency levels 

Branded workwear can increase motivation and a sense of accountability within the individual. One could suggest branded workwear sets the parameters of what is expected of us whilst at work and gets our brains into gear for the working day. 

Going as far to help us separate work life from home life which we all know, now more than ever, is important for our wellbeing. It is evident that branded workwear can have a strong impact on the behaviour of employees.     

At Alsico we strongly believe adding a logo or personalising your workwear can lead to a more professional and enthusiastic team dynamic. We can lay your company logo onto most garments and can also include departments, names and job titles. 

We offer embroidery and transfer badges which can be stitched or ironed on, or heat-seal badges for industries that require more durable workwear. Find out more about our or give us a call on 01772 662500 and a member of our team will be happy to help.