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Which workwear trousers should I choose?

Which workwear trousers should I choose?

There are so many different types of workwear trousers on the market these days that it can be difficult to make sure you purchase the right ones. With so many variables in terms of fit, material and functionality, which is best for you and your day to day role?

We’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand the types of trousers available and to give you some advice on which ones are right for you. Before buying any workwear items, not just trousers, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:


Working Environment

What sort of working environment will I be wearing these in? (i.e inside in a garage, outside on a construction site, whilst operating heavy machinery?...) This can help you define the protection level or heavy duty nature that is most suitable. Ensure you get the right fabric and weight which will give you the best protection, whether a traditional workwear staple, the polyester cotton blend or a modern stretch for improved mobility. 

Health & Safety Assessment

Are there any health and safety risks within my working environment which I need to be protected from? It’s important to ensure that you choose the styles which offer you the best protection, whether that’s general wear and tear, flame retardancy or ARC, make sure you understand what is the minimum protection you need in the context of your job role. If you’re not sure, speak to your HR team who will be able to provide you with their company risk assessment and guide you in the right direction. Always check the conformities on protective styles to ensure they match your company's minimum requirements.



What functionality do I need from my workwear and how do I need them to perform? There are so many different configurations of trousers from professional chinos to multi-pocketed trade trousers, ask yourself, what do you need to make it easier to do your job? How many pockets do I need and where do I need them, hip, thigh, holster? If you’re kneeling a lot do you need knee pads to protect you day to day and prevent long term injury?



What size should I get? Making sure your workwear trousers fit you well is imperative, not only for comfort and professional aesthetic, but oversized or trousers that are too tight can impact your health and safety – you don’t want to be tripping over trouser legs that are 3 inches too long! Make sure you follow the company's sizing guides to get the right sizes, fits and lengths.


Choose your style

Now that you understand your requirements a little better, let's see which trouser would be right for you:


Chinos: A smart/casual style trouser which is less structured than suiting but more professional than a pair of jeans. Ideal for anyone who wants to look professional but needs to be comfortable in a working environment.


Cargo trousers: The foundation workwear trouser. Cargo trousers come in lots of different configurations with the best known being with two patch pockets on the outer thighs. This allows for quick access for manual roles and offers additional storage (cargo, hence the name!) for those physical workers. They can be as simple as a single pocket, right up to multiple layered pockets with tool loops, mobile phone pockets and ID sections, so check what you need to carry before you choose which styles suit you best.


Kneepad trousers: If you're on your knees frequently, it’s important to protect them. Kneepad trousers offer a fabric pocket at the knee area which can accommodate a foam or rubber knee pad securely. Kneepad pocket constructions can vary from internal, where the pad must be inserted prior to putting the trousers on, to external pockets ideal for those wearers who want to remove the pads during the day.

Just don’t forget to buy the kneepads to go in them too!


Trade trousers: They are the all singing all dancing of workwear trousers, usually typified by the addition of Holster pockets, yes just like the cowboys!! Ideal for a multi-skilled worker, trade trousers offer lots and lots of pockets, something for every tool you own including your kneepads and more!



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