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What Should You Wear Under a Lab Coat?

What Should You Wear Under a Lab Coat?

What Should You Wear Under a Lab Coat?

Despite its name, a lab coat is a versatile garment which is not reserved for laboratory work alone. With this in mind, what you wear underneath your lab coat will be determined by the job role you occupy.

Primarily, lab coats are worn to protect the wearer against accidental spillages. As a result of this, these coats are especially popular amongst lab technicians and scientists, an association which has ultimately lent them their name.

So, what should you be wearing underneath your lab coat at work?


Scientists and lab technicians

By scientists, we mean research scientists and lab technicians. The nature of these jobs involves designing, analysing and testing findings in a laboratory-controlled environment.

A large chunk of time is spent sat at a desk carrying out research and tests. Therefore, because there is only a small risk of encountering liquids and substances, smart casual wear is often the required uniform to be worn underneath a white lab coat.


Microbiologists and chemists

A microbiologist, as defined by Wikipedia, is “a scientist who studies microscopic life forms and processes… such as bacteria, algae, funghi, and some types of parasites and their vectors.” A chemist, on the other hand, can be been identified as anyone doing the following: “Chemists study the composition of matter and its properties… they [chemists] carefully measure substance proportions, reaction rates, and other chemical properties.”

Both job roles contain various intricacies and employees work with dangerous and/or hazardous substances on a daily basis. With this in mind, they’re required to protect themselves in as many ways as humanly possible in order to follow the standard safety measures, as well as preventing cross contamination of their work.

Because of these risks, a protective lab coat is compulsory, along with gloves and a hair net. In most cases, employers would recommend their microbiologists and chemists to wear clothes that are comfortable, covering any skin on show, and which they don’t mind being messed up underneath their lab coat.

Our Chem Splash coats at Alsico are most ideal for this profession:

Both coats are treated with a fluorocarbon (FC) finish to prevent penetration by water, oil and mild chemicals. Adding the final touch to form the perfect lab coat for the likes of microbiologists and chemists.


Doctors and vets

Typically, a white lab coat, or doctor coat in this case, worn by doctors to help patients recognise them amongst other surrounding healthcare professionals. This is particularly helpful when visiting a large hospital or doctor’s surgery. However, underneath this coat, it is most likely you’ll find doctors wearing scrub suits.

Whilst the white lab coat adds an identifiable feature, there is still the need to wear protective clothing when working with medical substances and partaking in operations and surgeries. Wearing a scrub suit underneath at all times ensures that said doctors are always prepared should an emergency arise.

Our most popular scrub sets include the following:

Available in a range of colours, all of the above are either unisex or manufactured in both male and female fits.



In most pharmacies, there will be assistants that tend to customers, as well as a registered pharmacist. For that reason, it is necessary for the pharmacist to differentiate from the assistants. Commonly, a white lab coat is part and parcel of a pharmacist uniform. This way, customers can easily approach the pharmacist should they have any personal advisory questions that are best reserved for the pharmacist. And, as always, it works to protect the wearer from any accidental spillages.

Underneath the lab coat, smart clothes are usually the attire of choice as a reflection of hierarchy and professionalism in the workplace.

For a standard white lab coat, our Alsi Coat is a favourable choice:


Electronic technicians

Although electronic technicians are sometimes required to wear a lab coat, it’s often not the traditional white lab coat that we’re accustomed to seeing scientists and doctors wear. Again, our Alsi Coat is the perfect option for this uniform as it comes in a range of ten colours.

Once the coat colour has been decided on, the next priority is clothing that ticks off both comfort and efficiency whilst at work. As a result of this, casual attire is a recommended uniform. Providing opportunity to be layered and removed depending on temperature, as well as multifunctional.

We have an extensive casuals’ range but our most popular include the following:


Where to buy lab coats?

Lab coats don’t tend to be an item you commonly see in the shops. On that account, knowing where to look for a lab coat, especially one that requires certain properties or colours, can be produce some difficulty.

In conjunction with this, the purpose of a lab coat does mean you can expect them to get messy or stained on a daily basis. Although all our lab coats can endure industrial washing, finding a reasonably priced lab coat is essential.

We’ve already mentioned the classic Alsi Coat and protective Chem Splash Lab Coats, but a few of our other favourites include: 

View our full lab coat range.

Overall, the answer to what you can wear under a lab coat is rather flexible and largely depends on the tasks you can expect to come up against in your job role. If you’re looking for a lab coat that encompasses comfort, flexibility, protection, durability and professionalism, be sure to browse our entire lab coat range.