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We’ve raised £500 for Breast Cancer Now!

We’ve raised £500 for Breast Cancer Now!

We’ve raised £500 for Breast Cancer Now!

Wear it Pink Day

We wanted to say a quick thank you and well done to our Preston office for hosting a bake sale and supporting Breast Cancer now by participating in ‘Wear it Pink’ day last week. Looking fabulous, our team managed to raise an amazing £500.00 towards breast cancer research and cancer patient care.


Alsico Wear it Pink day

Why Wear it Pink?


According to Breast Cancer Now, around 55,000 women and 370 men in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. For over 20% of those people, this diagnosis will be fatal. 

The charity aims to build towards a more positive future where this disease won’t cast fear and uncertainty across our nation, but rather support a future full of hope and optimism for all. ‘With your support, we believe we can create a future where, by 2050, everyone diagnosed by breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well.’ (Breast Cancer Now)

With events like ‘Wear it Pink’ this future is possible. So once again, a BIG thank you to our proactive Alsico team for driving change and contributing to this important cause.