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Tax rebate for uniforms you clean

Tax rebate for uniforms you clean

Tax rebate for uniforms you clean

Staff members in many different industries are eligible for tax rebates for the uniforms they wear. Uniforms with company logos and protective clothing come into this category and uniform tax rebate can be claimed from HMRC for up to four previous years.

In general, if you are claiming tax refund for uniforms, for a total of four years most employees will be entitled to £48, although there are higher allowances for certain professions, such as some nurses and other health care workers. If laundry facilities are not provided by an employer, a tax allowance can be claimed each year to cover the cost of cleaning the uniform. This can apply to employees in nursing, the police force and others, who need to wear a uniform and launder it themselves. The amount of rebate that may be claimed can be as much as £300.

Industries whose staff can get a uniform tax rebate include hospitality and catering, retail, public transport, engineering, building, plumbing and others, such as PE teachers who need to wear a uniform at work. There are special conditions for certain groups of employees, such as police officers, airline staff, including pilots and cabin crew, and doctors, dentists, nurses and other people employed in the healthcare sector.

In addition to a tax refund for uniforms, there are other expenses for which you may be able to claim a tax rebate. Fees that are paid to professional organisations such as the RCN, NMC, Unison and HCPC can be claimed for, as can 20 per cent of the cost of certain items needed in your employment, such as tools or equipment.

It is definitely worth putting in a claim for a uniform tax rebate if you have to wear one for work, and for laundry costs if you are responsible for keeping the clothing you wear at work washed and properly maintained.