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Uniforms Tax Rebate

Uniforms Tax Rebate

Uniforms Tax Rebate

Did you know that you may be eligible for the uniform tax rebate? This rebate is intended for situations where an employer provides you with a uniform which you are expected to maintain appropriately. Specifically it refers to situations where an employer does not provide laundry services.

What kinds of uniforms are covered by the legislation?

In the health and care sectors, healthcare uniforms are the norm for patient and client facing staff. If your uniform has a company name or logo on it, you would qualify in principle for the rebate as long as you are responsible for cleaning it. If your uniform does not have a logo or name you will not qualify. The only exception to this rule is protective clothing because it’s deemed essential for health and safety reasons.

Clarification of maintenance

If it’s your responsibility to wash, launder or repair your uniforms because your employer does not make these facilities available then you are likely to qualify for the rebate if it’s a qualifying uniform as described above.

How much can you claim?

Allowances are calculated according the sector you work in and the job you do. In what HMRC call the Healthcare Sector (which includes nursing homes) the allowance is between £60 and £140 a year depending on your job. The allowances have not increased for a number of years.  When you make a claim, the allowance is reflected in a new tax code. To be eligible to claim the allowance you must have paid tax in the same tax year you are claiming for. As at 2012, the allowance can be backdated up to 6 years.

How do you claim the uniform tax allowance?

You must write to your tax office – the name will be on your pay slip or get the address from your employer’s personnel or payroll department.  The details you should conclude are: Type of Uniform, Job, Employer, Your Name, Your Full Address, National Insurance Number, Payroll Number. Be as specific as possible. A three line letter ought to do it, telling them where you work, what job you do and why you are claiming.