Uniforms for Dentists

Here at Alsico we stock a huge range of high quality workwear, suitable for use in hospitals, care homes and dentist surgeries. This includes male and female tunics specifically tailored for a comfortable fit.

Dental uniforms

Dentistry has changed a great deal over the years, and modern scrubs and tunics have changed accordingly. Available in a wide range of colours and cut to be comfortable and suitably fitting, our scrubs and dental uniforms are specifically designed to allow ease and freedom of movement. Our scrubs and tunics are not only easy to wear but are designed to stand up to industrial cleaning, coming out still looking good.

Why wear scrubs or a tunic?

Our scrubs and tunics are designed to project professionalism; to be comfortable all day long; and to be extremely hard wearing day after day. Their design means they’ll fit easily under a standard lab coat and will look good, even after a long day. We pay great attention to the details: fastenings that won’t catch; handily placed pockets for storage; and vents and pleats that ensure your ease of movement.

Manufactured from a high quality polyester and cotton mix, our dental uniforms are breathable and wick moisture from the skin to keep you cool and comfortable.

Colour and customisation

Nowadays, your patients have a preconceived idea as to the appearance of medical professionals, thanks to TV programmes. Our dental uniforms including scrubs and tunics are designed to reflect the professionalism of your practice and project a strong image to your patients. Uniforms for dentists and other healthcare professionals come in a wide range of colours and are fully customisable to include your business logo in order to create precisely the image you want.

We also pay attention to the cut of our uniforms for dentists and other healthcare professionals so that you look cool, contemporary and stylish.