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Types of work trousers

Types of work trousers

Types of work trousers

You always need the right tools for the job, but what about the right workwear clothing? If you want work trousers with quality, durability and style, should you buy cargo or premium? Whether you need workwear trousers for a meeting or on site, here’s how to choose the best pair for you.

Cargo trousers
These are a top seller across all industries and there’s little wonder why. Combining fit, multiple storage pockets and durability, cargo work trousers are cost-effective and well designed, making them the workwear trousers of choice.

Holster work trousers
A popular choice when you need to carry an array of tools and you prefer pockets to a bulky tool belt. Designed specifically for storage, these are the savvy choice for on-site wear.

Combat workwear trousers
Combat trousers are heavy duty, made from robust materials that ensure longer wear. Combat cargo workwear trousers are the ideal choice if you want the flexibility of cargo style storage and the durability and quality of combats.

Knee pad work trousers
Why bother spending on separate knee pads when you can buy smart trousers with knee pads built in? Popular with plumbers and electricians, this protective style of trouser has pockets that the pads slide into when you need them and these pads can also be taken out for washing.

Classic trousers
Combining a smart, timeless design and good quality materials, these trousers are ideal for the non-protective industries. Classically styled to look professional in the meeting room, you’ll enjoy superior durability and quality because of the choice of heavy duty materials and stitching.

Premium trousers
For classic workwear that lasts, premium quality trousers are the savvy choice. A popular choice for workwear trousers because of their simple styling and high quality materials, premium trousers stay comfortable and smart throughout the working day. Always buy the best quality workwear that meets your needs, for day long style and practicality.