Tunics for the Healthcare Industry

Tunics for the Healthcare Industry

Clothing for any business needs to be both practical and attractive, and healthcare is no exception. There are certain aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing healthcare tunics, so we focus on a few key areas below.

Choosing Healthcare Tunics

Healthcare workers typically work long shifts, so comfort is very important when selecting a tunic. The material weight is an important consideration, as too heavy a tunic may feel hot and uncomfortable in a healthcare setting whilst overly lightweight material may be too transparent. Our material weights are specified in grams per square metre (gsm) and range from 175 gsm to 210 gsm.

Plenty of room for moving and handling is another important consideration for those delivering hands-on care, so pleats and vents allowing the staff member to move easily is essential. Our A frame tunics have a 4 piece back with a yoke. They feature internal mesh for ease of movement and open arm-hole vents.

Care staff always need plenty of pockets in a healthcare tunic, and many of our tunics even include a polyurethane pocket specifically for pens.

The type of fastening should also be considered, with many people preferring a concealed zip fastening. Other options include stud fastenings or buttons.

Options Available

Healthcare tunics are available in a wide range of colours, so that clients can easily identify staff. There are specific styles for men and women, with a range of different collars, piping options, lengths and sizes so that all members of staff can be accommodated. Epaulette Loops are included on certain tunics and epaulettes in a choice of four colours can be purchased separately.

The majority of our tunics can be laundered in an industrial wash, but our stylish receptionist healthcare tunic requires a domestic wash. Like our beauty tunic, this has a two piece wrap front with an asymmetrical silver button fastening.