Work Trousers

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Equip Staff with Hardwearing & Lightweight Work Trousers

When you need to look smart and professional, as well as stay safe, you’ll need high quality work trousers from our Original and Gryzko ranges. With a selection of great features to keep you comfortable and on top of your game throughout the day, our hardwearing and lightweight work trousers are high quality and excellent value.

Our garments are designed to withstand an industrial wash cycle yet still come up looking and feeling like new. Different weights to meet the demands of different challenges, our workwear trousers come in a range of colours and fits, allowing you to create a corporate identity for your workforce. To really promote brand identity through your workwear, add your logo to garments with our embroidery, heat-seal, and transfer service.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to equip your workers with suitable protective clothing, including work trousers. Whatever the job your employees are working on, high quality workwear will help them take pride in their appearance and get the job done safely.

Alsico is one of the biggest workwear manufacturers in Europe. We bring our expertise and professionalism to the design of all our work trousers, so you can rest assured that your workforce can rely on our premium quality garments. Browse items from the Gryzko or Original ranges for total peace of mind.

How do you know what size work trousers to get?

Styled for both men and women, choosing the most comfortable fit and style is of utmost importance. We have a range of work trousers and shorts manufactured specifically for men or women; hard working, cargo, and elasticated. 

Well-fitting work clothing won’t get caught in machinery, or get in the way of you doing your job. To work out which would be most suited for you, we have an in-depth size guide to ensure you find the most comfortable trousers for your role.

What are the best work trousers?

Alsico customers most popular work trousers are the:

  • Alsi Trouser
  • Alsi Ladies Cargo Trouser
  • Alsi Cargo Trouser with Reflective Tape
  • Gryzko Exclusive Trouser

Cargo trousers and shorts are always a popular choice, thanks to their blend of utility and style. Our trade and utility trousers are designed and manufactured to make your working day as efficient as possible by incorporating exterior and interior pockets. Most of our work trousers have additional features such as velcro fastening pockets, twin needle stitching and stretch fabrics, all designed to meet the needs of your workforce.

What industries wear our work trousers?

Mainly worn by the automotive, distribution and engineering industries, as well as construction workers who require comfortable and performance enhancing site work trousers.

Our Gryzko cargo trousers are manufactured with reflective tape for those who work in environments where extra visibility is required.

What are our work trousers made of?

As with most of our workwear, our work trousers are predominantly made from a combination of polyester and cotton. For some of our trousers, comfort stretch has also been added to this for optimum flexibility and stretch. 

Our Gryzko Ripstop Trade Trouser is the exception to this. Made from Hudson 270gsm, a weave that adds technical and aesthetic properties to increase wearer comfort without compromising its hard wearing finish.

Guaranteed to last and provide ultimate comfort, our hard wearing and lightweight work trousers are engineered from robust, high quality technical fabrics. Designed to stand up to the rigours of your working environment and keep your staff cool in summer and warm in winter, while having ultimate stretch and flexibility for the luxury of comfort and support.