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The unseen heroes who keep our country on the move

The unseen heroes who keep our country on the move

The UK is home to one of the most complex and dense rail networks in the world, with over 20,000 miles of track in use. This vast system caters to over 1.7 billion passengers each year, assuring their safe and timely travel. However, behind this impressive operation lies a dedicated workforce of railway construction workers, tirelessly maintaining and expanding this network.

Railway construction work is not for the faint-hearted. It demands vigilance, precision, and unwavering commitment. These workers, besides possessing technical expertise and physical resilience, often operate in close proximity to fast-moving trains - underscoring the paramount importance of safety.

In such a dynamic and high-pressure environment, visibility is a critical aspect of safety. Hi-visibility workwear forms an indispensable part of any railway construction worker's gear, as it can be the difference between a normal workday and a preventable accident.

Our mission is not only to enhance worker safety and comfort but also to contribute to the protection of our shared planet. This inspired our technical experts to create three innovative products featuring our ALSIFLEX® high stretch fabric technology. It offers exceptional, permanent stretch, boosting comfort and flexibility, working towards conserving our land and society.

The fabric used in these garments reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship. By utilising certified fibres, we've created a fabric that delivers both performance and durability while promoting resource conservation. Our polyester is manufactured using bio-based fibre, reducing our reliance on harmful petrochemicals. It's blended with pre and post-consumer waste, lessening the volume of non-perishable waste sent to landfill. A sustainable system, which recycles waste and converts it back into chips, which can then be extruded into recycled polyester yarns. The circular nature of this recycling means that we can start to contribute to reducing the use of petroleum manufacture across the globe.

Moreover, considering the high-performance washing required in the railway industry, we've ensured that our environmental commitment extends beyond the manufacturing process. The filament yarn technology used in our blend has been found to significantly reduce fibre shedding during washing, thereby limiting the release of microfibres into our water systems and lessening the impact on our natural world. The quick-drying nature of the fibre composition also reduces drying time, thus saving energy.

The railway system is a testament to the skill, dedication, and resilience of these workers. And we are proud to support their efforts, one hi-vis garment at a time.

So here's to the railway construction workers, the unseen heroes who keep our country on the move. Your performance matters, and with our Hi-Vis Workwear Collection, we hope to contribute to making your job safer and more comfortable.


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