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The right protective workwear for your business

The right protective workwear for your business

The right protective workwear for your business

When you choose protective workwear and protective uniforms for your business, you want to know that they are safe and compliant to legislative requirements; that they boast the latest high performance features and fabrics; and that they are comfortable, easy to wear and assist your staff in carrying out their operational roles.

A broad range of quality protective clothing

We sell a wide range of top quality protective workwear that has been quality checked and rigorously tested by our own team. Simply put, we only stock products that we know to be the best in the field, and we are entirely confident about our product line and their application for your operation.

The ranges

We sell Hi-Vis Orange and Hi-Vis Yellow Flame Retardant garments which are fully compliant with EN ISO 20471:2013 & EN ISO 11612:2008 and can easily deal with repeated industrial laundering.

We sell a great range of industrial clothing made with Nomex, which is always popular with operational and industrial functions. From protective Balaclavas to Coveralls, you'll find exactly what you need.

We also supply heat and FR clothing for those working with high temperatures and naked flames. These offer exceptional safety, mobility and comfort. You may also wish to explore our aluminised clothing which is designed to withstand the hottest temperatures.

Look out too for our Cleanroom protection range, and Paintroom protection. In the broad protection range we also sell specialist clothing for Anti-static Protection and General protection.

Our specialist ranges also include Aluminised Clothing and Molten Metal protective uniforms for codes D and E applications.

Regardless as to your industry, we are sure to have the protective workwear that you need, for all of your workforce. Contact our experienced team today to find out more and to discuss your specific needs.