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The Difference Personalising Your Work Uniforms Can Make

The Difference Personalising Your Work Uniforms Can Make

The Difference Personalising Your Work Uniforms Can Make

As well as our workwear, protective clothing, healthcare uniforms and food trade ranges, we also offer a garment personalisation service for the majority of our garments. This service works to enhance the value of your workwear uniforms and help you get the most out of them, on top of dressing your workforce in comfortable uniforms to increase productivity. 


What do you mean by ‘garment personalisation’?

Garment personalisation allows companies to brand their uniforms, either via embroidered stitch, heat seal application or transfer badges. For instance, you may choose to add your company or healthcare institution logo, names of individual wearers and job roles.


Why would companies and institutions want to personalise work clothes?

There are numerous reasons behind why a company or healthcare institution would like to personalise their work uniforms, some of these include:

Affordable advertisement

Compared to printed advertising in a magazine or billboard, some of the most affordable and effective offline advertising is done via potential customers seeing your branded uniforms and vehicle out and about. When you next ask your customers why they came to you, don’t be surprised to hear them say “I saw your van driving around” or “I saw one of your employees working at my neighbours”.

A good first impression

In general, a compulsory uniform for your employees is known to generate a sense of professionalism around your workers and company. When staff come into contact with customers, branding work uniforms with your logo and employee names will help to take this to another level. Many customers recognise branded uniforms as a sign that companies care about the message they’re putting out there and the employees wearing them, helping to build a better client relationship.

Consistent branding

If you’re working on building a brand, and a recognisable one at that, it’s key to have consistent branding throughout your company. From your business website and social media profiles, customer service emails and office decor, to printed advertising, branded vehicles and personalised uniforms. This way, prospective customers who have seen your vehicles on the road or employees walking around will have absolute confidence that they’ve reached the right company with their enquiry when landing on your website or walking into your business premises.

Customer and patient clarity

If your workforce regularly makes rounds for patient visits or are required to work in and out of houses, personalising your employee uniforms with a logo and individual wearer’s name helps patients and customers alike to identify who you are upon arrival, as well as feel comfortable and at ease from the outset.


How can I customise my workwear?

At Alsico, we have three different options to personalise your workwear, depending on the garment you choose and what suits you. 

Starting with our embroidered workwear option, we have threads available in various colours. These can either be sewn directly onto garments or onto a fabric backing to enable workers to easily remove and reuse. 

Our heat seal application is plastic coated for extra protection, again, these can be applied directly onto the garment or onto a fabric backing.

Lastly, we have a transfer badge option that can be supplied on a white or coloured fabric background to be ironed or sewn onto garments. These are also available in a flame retardant material.

The most common products embroidered and personalised with company and care institution’s branding are:



All in all, the main difference personalised workwear can do for your business is to drive brand awareness and help employees to feel part of a team.

If you’d like to personalise your garments when ordering from us, select your colour, size and fit for the item and a button will appear for you to add embroidery to your garment. Should you have any questions, call us on 01772 662500 to speak to a member of our team.