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Scrub Suits

Scrub Suits

Scrub Suits

Scrub suits have come a long way.  Just look at ours. You’re no longer restricted to surgical green.  We can offer jade, navy and royal blue or even burgundy or light blue.  And it’s not just the colours that are different.

Scrub suits are still widely available in cotton – which has its fans.  But when you think about how difficult is to look after it’s no wonder poly cottons are blazing a trail. Everyone cares about the cost and ease of maintenance. Dentists and vets buy their own workwear. But elsewhere, such as the NHS, where centralised or bulk buying rules the day, maintenance and longevity are also key factors.

Buyers are also looking for branding options – sometimes for marketing purposes but also as a theft deterrent. Branding is good for business and staff morale. But scrubs are among the items of clothing most likely to go missing. Scrubs have become hip because they are casual and comfortable. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to brand scrubs with the name of your facility or the name of staff members.  These are among the reasons we’ve made it easy to add logos or names to scrub suit tops.

But it’s not just buyers that scrubs have to appeal to.  Surgical staff, both doctors and nurses, want to be cool and comfortable when working and uniforms have to be practical. After all aren’t these major benefits of from moving away from surgical gowns?

Our unisex scrub suits are perfect for doctors, vets, dentists and nurses.  Our tops feature a breast pocket and 2 lower front pockets, short-sleeves and side vents. The size range is X-Small to XX-Large.

The scrub trousers are available in the same range of colours and can be bought separately. They feature a waistband with draw cord bonidex elastication, 2 shaped front patch pockets, and 2 thigh pockets and are available in Regular and Tall fit in X-Small to XX-Large sizes. 

There’s no doubt modern scrub suits are a vast improvements on what went before. But not all are designed equal.