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Science Lab Coats for Science Students

Science Lab Coats for Science Students

Science Lab Coats for Science Students

Whether you’re studying practical chemistry, physics or biomedical science at university or college, there is one thing you need - a Science Lab Coats for Science Students.

Science coats not only give you a professional look while taking part in practical lessons, but they also fulfil a more important purpose, protecting your everyday clothing from spills, whatever they may be.

Here at Alsico we offer a fully customisable range of science coats in a wide variety of styles and materials. Every one offers the utmost in durability, combined with ease of wear, comfort and practicality.

Manufactured to the highest standards, all of the lab coats in our range are made using the latest technological advances in fabrics, so they are designed to offer the highest level of protection against anything your science experiments can throw at you.

Provided in a variety of sizes, they are fully adaptable and come in a wide range of colours. Just give us your exact requirements and we can provide you with the lab coat you need.

Our standard lab coats are made with high quality polyester/cotton, and are long enough to cover and protect your clothes. Despite offering full protection against spills and other science mishaps, they are light enough not to overheat you in hot laboratories. They come with three patch pockets, ideal for pens, notebooks or whatever else you may need while studying.

The lab coats also come with exposed stud fastenings to ensure ease of use, as well as a stand collar and long sleeves, ensuring both safety and comfort. All garments we supply are built to last, so you can be assured that the science coats you order will be gracing your labs for years to come.

Why not check out our complete science range to see how we can help you or your students with protective clothing & professional lab wear.