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Safe Workwear for the Summer Heat

Safe Workwear for the Summer Heat

Safe Workwear for the Summer Heat

It may not look like it at the moment, but summer is well on its way which means temperatures will soon be rising. While this may sound great for most, we know how demanding it is to be working in the heat and how important it is to pair the correct workwear to this change in environment.

Whether you are providing professional uniforms for inside or outside use, the heat will more than likely be an issue this summer. Even during an average British summer, a hot day can take us all by surprise, so it is vital you are prepared to provide your employees with the correct uniform for the day ahead. As an employer it is your responsibility to make sure your employees feel comfortable to work, but are also geared up with the best protection possible.

Here are our top tips on how to adapt workwear to the changing weather:

Swap long for short

In many professions, there are summer alternatives to most uniforms. Safety gear such as Hi Vis workwear are available in waistcoat designs, and you can swap long trousers for a pair of cargo shorts that are still heavy duty and reliable for work, whilst giving the ventilation required to stay cool.

You can also swap long sleeved shirts for a shorter sleeved polo style that will protect the back of the neck from sun. Although it is important to note that where skin is exposed, sunscreen is best to be worn to avoid any skin damage.

Changing style

Obviously swapping to summer uniform versions is not feasible for all industries, if this is the case then changing the colour of your uniform may be the way to go. This works particularly well in the case of showcasing a secondary brand colour or element too. Lighter colours reflect light, and therefore reduce heat, making them a cooler option when working in the sun
all day.

Swapping heavier materials for lighter, more breathable fabrics could be a solution for when it is dangerous to have skin on show. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, meaning it is a good choice of material for when legs and arms still need to be covered up.

Stay protected

Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees, so it is important to make sure the correct protection is worn at all times. Keeping hydrated is a simple way to stay cool and keep up energy throughout the day. Your employees will appreciate your concern for their comfort, so make sure to promote hydration breaks and provide places to cool off to keep the momentum going.

Some summer workwear suggestions

The correct uniform for a hot day takes some planning, so we’ve put together some products to help with this preparation:

  • Hi-Vis Waistcoat - £4.95+VAT - The light material means that this Hi-Vis Waistcoat is comfortable to wear and the yellow colouring is essential for visible safety whilst also reflecting any incoming warm light.
  • Gryzko Cargo Shorts - £20.95+VAT - Featuring a range of different pockets these Gryzko Cargo Shorts share the high durability of the longer alternative but due to the shorter style provide much needed ventilation.
  • Classic Polo Shirt - £5.95+VAT - The polo style provides the neck with protection from the sun and comes in lighter colours that will absorb less sunlight.
  • Coverall made with Phoenix - £37.95+VAT - These high quality coveralls come in a light colour and are made with 100% FR cotton to protect arms and legs. They feature FR reflective tape over the shoulders, around the sleeves and legs for safety.

Making sure your employees’ workwear is suitable for the summer weather is paramount. Not only will the most suitable clothing promote a better working atmosphere but it will also show your staff that you are sympathetic to the heat they may have to endure and most importantly, will keep them safer.

If you would like to purchase some summer appropriate uniform for your employees, workwear UK and protective workwear or call us 01772 662500 for advice on the most suitable products for your industry.