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Roles of Hospital Staff and Their Respective Uniforms

Roles of Hospital Staff and Their Respective Uniforms

Roles of Hospital Staff and Their Respective Uniforms

Hospitals - apart from the continuous hard graft to provide treatment and care to patients – the majority of us associate this with an impressive, maze-like building. With a manifold of patients and workers heading in and out of the hospital every day, the various wards and corridors are a mystery for most. 

However, subtle indications such as the demographic of patients, signage, and even work uniforms have been put in place to help visitors recognise their surroundings.

Working closely with the healthcare industry, we’d like to think we’re up to scratch on which roles require specific uniforms. Next time you visit the local hospital, whittle away your waiting time by making connections between an individual and their job role based on the uniform their wearing.  


  1. Paramedics

Should you need to be delivered to the hospital in an emergency, the first healthcare worker that you’ll come into contact with will be a paramedic. Possibly one of the most distinctive roles in the hospital, if you’re not able to identify them from the embroidered job title on the back of their jackets, then the bottle green shirt and trousers predominantly worn by paramedics throughout the UK should be a clear sign. 


  1. Dental

The NHS funded dental teams tend to wear unisex scrubs. A fail-safe uniform, providing them with the flexibility and comfort needed to perform safe surgeries and extractions, as well as protecting the wearer from substances used on a daily basis, such as anaesthesia.

Typically, most dental teams opt for neutral scrub uniforms, be that navy, black or grey. Something that doesn’t distract from the job, but adds the professional touch needed to both reassure patients and allow dentists to carry out their job to the highest standard.

For example, our most popular scrub combination for dentists consists of the following:


  1. Doctors

Doctors are also big fans of wearing scrubs. Despite this being the assigned uniform, the guaranteed mobility and ease is crucial for the long shifts that these day-to-day heroes embark on. 

All in all, a doctor’s scrubs will vary from hospital to hospital, ward to ward, and for different statuses of doctor. Therefore, it is notable that our staple scrub set is well-liked among doctors due to their fit, colour range, fabric, and price.

Although sold separately, there is a matching set for all of our Unisex Scrub Tops and Scrub Trousers. With this, and the personalised embroidery service we offer for workwear garments, you can find your perfect healthcare uniform all in one place.


  1. Healthcare scientists

Behind the scenes at the NHS, healthcare scientists are diagnosing and treating illnesses using their research and technical knowledge. When they do directly communicate with patients, they’re stereotypically dressed in smart wear with a white protective coat worn over the top.

From our white lab and doctor’s coat range, the Chem Splash Lab Coat (245gsm) would be our recommendation for healthcare scientists. Available in the classic white with a back vent for optimum comfort, this coat is able to withstand industrial washing for extended durability should you spill any substances, at an exceptionally affordable, £23.95.

Click here to view our recommended lab coat: https://www.alsico.co.uk/chem-splash-lab-coat-245gsm.


  1. Management and receptionists

For management and reception staff, uniforms are commonly smart office wear, as they would be in most other industries. These patient-facing job roles call for professionalism and minimal distractions, as everyday tasks include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, making policy decisions, overseeing patient care and much more.

With this in mind, you can expect to see management and receptionists in blouses, shirts, blazers, and smart trousers and skirts. To further increase their recognisability, they are often spotted wearing workplace lanyards.


  1. Midwives

Primarily, midwives, due to the nature of their job, wear uniforms that are prepared for getting messy and being worn for long periods of time. Polyester and cotton nurse tunics are hugely popular, but the distinctly traditional nurse dresses are nostalgic and distinguishable for most patients when referring to midwives.


  1. Nurses

While the patient being cared for by a nurse is different to a midwife, the uniform expectations remain the same. Durable fabric that can weather substance spillages, light fabric to create a comfortable environment for long shifts, and a modest design to deter any distractions whilst at work. 

Some nurses may choose to wear a healthcare dress, but most favour nurse’s tunics to fulfil all their requirements and allow them to perform highly. We have a fairly extensive range of nurse’s tunics on our website, included in this range is:


  1. Pharmacists

Similar to healthcare technicians, pharmacists aren’t tremendously visible throughout the hospital but do encounter patients regularly should the patient require a prescription. Normally, pharmacists opt to wear a white coat over top of their workwear to protect them when handling liquid prescriptions all day every day. 

A white lab coat such as the Alsi Coat (245gsm) would provide considerable protection without having to spend a ridiculous amount. View the product here: https://www.alsico.co.uk/alsi-coat-245gsm


  1. Psychologists, rehabilitation and therapists

Last but not least, both physical and mental health therapists alike choose to wear smart office wear in the healthcare industry. This way, their care feels more natural and comfortable for patients, as opposed to being a clinical treatment. 

Each healthcare job role has an assigned pool of uniforms to avoid overlapping departments and keep identification crystal clear for everyone; patients, visitors and colleagues.

If you’re looking to replace or purchase your healthcare uniforms but would prefer some expert advice beforehand, contact our sales team on 01772 662500 and we’ll be happy to help.