Reusable Facemasks: New Additions to Our Workwear Range

As the UK eases into the ‘new normal’, the majority are still finding their feet amongst the never-ending list of guidelines and measures that require being adhered to at work, in enclosed spaces and when sharing company with different households.

In recent weeks, facemasks in particular have been at the forefront of many people’s minds when outside your own home. Whilst these are already compulsory on public transport and in shops, there is an expectation that this will also be required in any workplace where employees are predominantly working indoors. For example, offices, warehouses, and maybe even schools. 

Indeed, if an individual would prefer to wear a facemask in a place of work that hasn’t been singled out as needing to, this should still be encouraged to remain alert and protect others.

With this in mind, it is an employer’s and company’s duty to ensure that staff members are aware of this and have the correct equipment to support staff’s wishes if they feel more comfortable coming to work wearing a facemask or covering.

Housing an inexhaustible stock of facemasks on the property or equipping each employee with enough to wear a clean one each shift will suffice in providing the support and comfort individuals may require to feel they are working in a safe environment.


How are Alsico helping with this?

Our goal has always been to ensure your workforce are equipped with the necessary workwear and garments required to work safely and efficiently every day. 

Therefore, we’ve launched a select range of facemasks and coverings to purchase alongside or separately to your regular work clothes order that are washable, reusable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

We’ve focussed our efforts on making sure we issue products that meet your individual needs and working environments, whilst meeting the guidelines set out by the pharmaceutical industry. Within the range we have selected and manufactured four different designs, as a result of this, you can choose based on the level of protection you require against the virus and bacteria. As well as a style that works with your day to day tasks as opposed to being another obstacle.


So, what facemasks and coverings are in our range?


  1.     Reusable facemask with elasticated ear loop

The standard community facemask model, made from a lightweight satin to allow for a breathable and comfortable covering across your nose and mouth, and is held in place with a piece of elastic that runs across the top of the mask to prevent wearer’s from continually adjusting the mask to their face.

Primarily, this is preferable for employees looking for an extra measure of protection but who don’t regularly come into contact with others or work in spaces where contact can be avoided, such as office staff.

Shop the community mask with earloops here:

  1.     Reusable facemask with cord loop

Manufactured from two layers of lightweight poly-cotton twill, this 2-ply shaped mask has a more structured feel, designed for longer wearing and increased coverage. Fixed to the face by an upper loop and lower cord tie, this model is breathable and can be adjusted for maximum comfort but is secured tightly.

Out of the four designs, this is the only facemask available in a range of colours. Including black, navy, grey, royal blue and light blue.

More suited to workers who are in need of an extra precautions but may be physically unable to adjust the mask when working, warehouse staff and construction workers for instance.

Shop the community mask with cord tie here:

  1.     Anti-viral stretch mask

This facemask is made from two layers of elastane polyester and treated with anti-viral and a water repellent coating to protect the treated article from contamination against viruses and bacteria, killing off 99% within two hours. Secured to the face with earloops.

Widely preferred by employees who are required and encouraged to wear their facemasks at all times e.g. the catering industry. The self-sterilising properties of this mask are appealing to workplaces who do not have the time to wash a mask every day but where it is imperative to wear one every day.

Shop the ViralOff® stretch mask here:

  1.     Anti-viral community snood

Worn over the head, stretching to cover both the nose and mouth, this design allows for maximum comfort and the wearer should only need to make minimal adjustments when fixing the snood over their face. Again, the elastane polyester is used to prevent fraying and is treated with anti-viral and a water repellent coating to kill both bacteria and viruses on the material by 99% over the space of two hours.

Ideal for employees who regularly touch communal contact points including office staff, postal workers and engineers.

Shop the ViralOff® community snood here:

How are we making these accessible to customers?

For these to be as cost-effective as possible for companies, each facemask and covering is reusable and come in packs of 20, ranging from £75-100. Thus, becoming an efficient investment in the long run as you fit out staff members with the correct gear that will be long-lasting.

All four designs are now available to order on the website or over the phone.

Please note that none of these products should be considered as medical devices or approved items of PPE.


Taking the initiative to stock the workplace with facemasks can be a daunting task when you need to consider which design is less likely to hinder productivity but protect the safety of individuals and others. This is why we’ve produced a select range, there’s an option that works for everyone without the overwhelming choice.

If you would like more information about the facemasks and coverings that we supply, please refer to our masks guide or contact a member of our team on 01772 662500 with your questions and we’ll be happy to help!