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Quality Nurses Tunics

Quality Nurses Tunics

Quality Nurses Tunics

Some say that the technology behind producing quality nurses tunics hasn’t changed much over the last 15 years. But it’s clear that the demands placed on nurses have. Hospitals, whether private or not, are under more scrutiny than ever. Costs and performance are routinely measured, as is patient feedback.  As a result every hospital wants to retain its best staff.

Most hospitals would agree that their nurses are the bed rock of their patient care. When relatives speak to patients one of the first questions they ask is: what were the nurses like? Therefore if you had the opportunity to equip your nurses with innovative, quality tunics, you would certainly look at them, wouldn’t you?

Alsicare is a pioneer in healthcare clothing. We design and manufacture technology-driven, specialist garments. Our quality nurses tunics incorporate features unique to us, made possible by our emphasis on innovation.


Hospital management rightly, has its focus on performance.  Alsicare nurses tunics are designed to be long lasting – even when pitted against the demands of steam and deep cleaning.  While these types of cleaning are essential for hospitals to maintain hygiene and minimise cross contamination – they have traditionally been tough on fabrics, reducing the life span of clothing. All our nurses tunics, for men and women, are made of specially designed poly cottons developed for a hospital environment.


For nurses, they offer unmatched levels of comfort and coolness. This is because each tunic incorporates the A-Move System, designed and developed by us. The A-Move System incorporates special panels into the garment to provide optimal mobility and freshness. Each panel includes tissue, helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, important in a hospital environment.


And tunics can be stylish. Our range of nurses tunics includes plain and A frame garments in a variety of colours , in plain and stripe fabrics. Available colours include traditional whites and blues as well as mint, bottle and lilac.  Standard features include concealed zips and polyurethane lined pen pockets. A logo also be added if desired.

Buying hospital tunics can be a significant investment due to the large quantities involved. The best nurses tunics create the right impression, but also meet the objectives of management.