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Protective Workwear

Working in hazardous environments requires a special type of protective workwear. It is manufactured with the most technically advanced protective fabrics available. The wearer needs to feel confident that he or she can work safely and comfortably, so they can concentrate on the job. 


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Questions Our UK Protective Workwear Customers Frequently Ask

What is meant by personal protective equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is safety wear and gear that protects the individual wearer from the hazardous and dangerous environment they may be working in or substances they may handle. These tend to meet the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002, marked CE. We stock ranges for heat and flame work, hi vis workwear, flame retardant, chemical splash, as well as Nomex® and Protal® ranges.

What PPE should be worn?

This all depends on what job role you’re in. Our protective workwear clothing includes ranges for heat and flame, Nomex®, hi vis, flame/fire retardant, Protal®, chemical splash, and much more. It’s a question of when PPE should be worn, and this is always in the case of coming into contact with hazardous and dangerous elements and substances.

What are some examples of personal protective equipment?

Examples of PPE in our protective workwear range includes:

  • Coverall made with Phoenix – £31.95+VAT

  • Coverall made from Nomex Comfort Ripstop - POA

  • Executive Waistcoat - £6.95+VAT

  • Hi-Vis Railway Multi-Protect Jacket - £214.95+VAT

  • Hi-Vis FR Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - £69.95+VAT

  • Chem Splash Lab Coat (245gsm) - £23.95+VAT

What is the proper PPE for welding?

The proper PPE for welding is for any exposed skin to be covered in fire/flame retardant clothing, and helmet and safety goggles should always be worn. Our Coverall Made with Phoenix, Metal Splash Neck Protector, Metal Splash Apron, and Gryzko FR Jacket ar all perfect examples of garments that can provide optimum protection for your exposed skin. Our coveralls can be embroidered with your company logo, job title and employee name.

What do oil workers wear?

Similar to welders, oil workers should wear FR clothing to cover any and all exposed skin whilst working. Our Coverall Made with Phoenix – MC21, Coverall Made with Zeus FR – BE30, Hi Vis FR coverall, jacket and trouser, and Gryzko FR Contrast Coverall are all popular choices for this line of work.

Protective Clothing to Keep Your Employees Safe

However hazardous your working conditions, our protective clothing won’t let you down. Manufactured using the most technically advanced skills and fabrics available. Our garments are protective, comfortable and meet the needs of a wide range of industries including uniforms for welding, oil, engineering, and railway safety wear.

Complete protection

Our complete range of protective workwear is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding job. Garments are manufactured to provide protection in a number of situations:

  • Limited protection from chemical splash, including sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

  • Withstanding radiant heat, flame and sparks from the arc, plus protection against Code E molten metals, using technical fabrics including Nomex® and Prota®l for superior results.

  • Anti-static protection, preventing electrostatic charge accumulating when flammable materials or sensitive electronics are present, including protection for ISO Class 3 cleanrooms. Cleantec fabric eliminates fibre shedding.

Innovation and premium quality

We deliver over 3.5 million garments to the UK market alone. Years of experience and knowledge has allowed us to blend innovation, expertise and premium quality to manufacture our specialist Gryzko and Original workwear ranges. With a combination of global market knowledge and bespoke services tailored to our UK customers, we deliver the protective clothing you need, so you can buy in complete confidence.

Durable and comfortable

From our protective workwear products to our premium Gryzko range, we’re the benchmark for providing durable, reliable and comfortable work uniforms without sacrificing your safety at work. When your workforce has total confidence that their protective garments won’t let them down, then they can perform every task to the best of their ability. This level of quality and performance makes us a preferred protective workwear supplier throughout Europe.

Meeting your needs

When it comes to workwear that protexts you, we believe you need protection against multiple potential hazards. That’s why our benchmark Alsi range uses fabrics and techniques to create multi-protect garments that do the job whether you’re exposed to heat and flame or chemical splash. We also design various garments with high visibility fabric so your protective clothing at work keeps you visible and able to work safely.

Made from premium fabrics and manufactured to meet EN ISO 20471:2013 standards, our protective clothing combines protection, durability and comfort, as well as being able to withstand repeated industrial laundering.

Why choose us?

We believe in delivering cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs. Use our bespoke service to find the protective workwear range that will meet the exact needs of your workforce. In fact, more than 50% of the garments we create are tailor-made to our customer’s requirements. Meaning you get the workwear you want; at the price you like. With a wide range of available customisations, attention to detail and professionalism, we're the perfect partner and supplier.