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Physiotherapy Uniforms

Physiotherapy Uniforms

Physiotherapy Uniforms

Looking stylish for work is perhaps more difficult in those healthcare sectors where people have more choice in what they wear. Nurses may have their uniform choices dictated by policy but others, have more freedom to choose.

Take physiotherapists as an example. Nowadays physiotherapists work in a wide range of areas – from sports therapy to occupational health.  This means you might be employed by the NHS but are just as likely to be self-employed or work in an industrial setting.

So what are the options? Well let’s consider the work environment. Much of physiotherapy is concerned about movement and exercise. It makes sense then that physiotherapists’ workwear ought to be comfortable and allow a reasonable degree of stretching and bending. It’s also fair to say, that low maintenance uniforms are appreciated. Anything that can be washed and left to drip dry works well.

Here at Alsicare we’ve got some great ideas to inject style into physiotherapists’ uniforms; style that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or practicality.

Some physiotherapists prefer to wear tunics, others adopt a more relaxed style. We’ve got options for both.

Our male and female tunics come in a variety of designs. But each is designed to be a flattering fit while at the same time not restricting movement. Female tunics benefit from a classic A-line style, with the waist being smaller than the bottom of the tunic. And the male tunics are generously cut to flatter any shape. Whichever style you choose there are a selection of colours, a wide range of sizes and plenty of smart design details, including pockets.

But we appreciate some physiotherapists prefer a more casual look. For example, our polo shirts work well as the foundation piece of a physiotherapists uniform. We have a number of options including our Premium Quality Polo Shirt and Industrially Launderable Polo Shirt. Both are light to wear and come in wide range of sizes and colours.

New Innovative Polo Shirts

Watch out for our innovative Shake Your Style A-Move Polo Shirts now available!