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Personalised workwear all sewn up

Personalised workwear all sewn up

Personalised workwear all sewn up

Personalised workwear all sewn up

Personalised workwear can instantly boost confidence in your products or services by conveying the image of a professional business with quality and attention to detail at its heart.

In contrast, a lack of personalisation or poorly-crafted items can have the completely opposite effect; potentially tarnishing the image of even the best of businesses. That is why it is vital to choose a workwear embroidery service you can trust, such as the one offered here at Alsico.

First impressions matter

First impressions really do count and simply having your company’s logo applied to your choice of personalised workwear can be hugely beneficial to your organisation. It can be vital in ensuring that your branding efforts are effective, as well as impressing existing and potential customers or clients.

A personalised embroidery service

We specialise in offering you the type of embroidery service your specific organisation wants and needs. This is why you can choose to have your workwear adorned with embroidery or make use of our skills in the production and application of transfer or heat-seal badges.

If you opt for embroidered logos, we offer a vast array of coloured thread choices, including metallics, which can be embroidered straight onto the garments of your choice. Even high visibility and waterproof fabrics can be embroidered thanks to our use of the latest technology. Alternatively, your logo can be embroidered onto fabric backing, making it easy to remove from garments and allowing it to be used again.

Functionality in a flash

Heat-seal badges can be applied directly to garments or onto fabric backing and have a protective plastic coating, making them ideal for garments that are industrially laundered or those that are used within the food industry where hygiene is a priority.

Transfer badges, meanwhile, offer a really versatile option as they are supplied on a fabric background and can then be sewn or ironed on, creating personalised workwear in a flash.


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