Our corporate, ethical and environmental responsibilities

Our fabric production conforms to the highest EU standards

Fair Trade

We also expect the same principles from our trading partners and we give careful consideration to their working practices. We source our fabrics and commodities from companies that care as much about the environment and their workforce as we do.


The Enviroment 

We are a global group with operations across the world and we are very aware of the impact our operations can have on the environment. This is why regard for the environment is an integral part of our business. Keeping environmental impact to a minimum by reducing waste, increasing sustainability and recycling wherever possible is all a part of our company’s culture. This is important and we think it just makes sense. It’s good business sense, too.



We always act with honesty and integrity. Naturally this applies to the people who work for us, wherever they live. At Alsico, we respect our staff, we regard them as the backbone of our business, and we believe that treating them fairly and honestly is crucial to our success in the marketplace. 

All our sites are owned exclusively by us and we strive to ensure that all of them follow ETI or FLO-CERT guidance. Issues that concern you also concern us and we are sensitive to these and any other you might have about a business as large as Alsico. This is why we want to reassure you that we care about these issues, too. 

  • Our garments conform to the highest EU standards 
  • Our factories are independently audited to ethical values 
  • We implement CSR initiatives at all sites