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Nursing Uniforms for The Care Sector

Nursing Uniforms for The Care Sector

Nursing Uniforms for The Care Sector

The healthcare sector has specific needs when it comes to work wear, so if you are looking for nursing uniforms, we supply a wide range of tunics, dresses, scrubs and all the products you need.

Our nursing tunics are both hard wearing and comfortable with action pleats and back vents to allow staff to move easily whilst performing their duties. They are supremely practical with an easy front zip and all the pockets needed by busy nurses on a daily basis. With tunics for both men and women in a range of styles, colours and weights you will find the ideal combination.

In addition to tunics, nursing uniforms in the UK invariably feature trousers and we also stock these for men and women in different styles. Choose from zip flies or fully elasticated waists for comfort in regular or tall lengths, all with useful pockets.

For a more traditional look, our range of nursing uniforms features dresses including the step-in panelled dress. Like our tunics, these are extremely hard wearing and since hygiene is so important in the care sector, are suitable for industrial laundering.

In addition to catering for traditional nursing uniforms in the UK, we keep a range of medical scrubs suitable for use in many areas and really comfortable to wear whilst still presenting a very professional image. There are different unisex styles of top and trousers in colours including Royal Blue, Sailor Navy, Bottle Green, Slate Grey, Raspberry and Purple Plum. The trousers are available in different lengths and another key advantage of our scrubs is that they can be washed industrially to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

We also have T shirts and polo shirts in a range of colours as well as lab coats and doctor’s coats. So whatever healthcare clothing you need for your establishment, whether it is a small care home or a large hospital, you will find it here.