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Nurses Uniforms UK Suppliers

Nurses Uniforms UK Suppliers

Nurses Uniforms UK Suppliers

Keeping their patients healthy and happy is all part of a nurse’s job. As essential health professionals, nurses need high quality workwear clothing that are smart, professional and hygienic. As one of Europe’s leading workwear providers, Alsico create nurses uniforms that bring together value, quality and performance with modern cuts and contemporary comfort.

We understand your priorities when it comes to your nurse uniforms and we deliver on hygiene and style throughout our range of dresses, tunics, trousers, scrubs and polos. Available in different weights of fabric and different colours, they’ll keep your staff looking smart and feeling great even during the most hectic shift.

Comfort and fit

Nurses have a demanding job to do and your workwear needs to be ready to meet those demands. A nurses uniform needs to fit well and be cut for comfort and ease of movement.

At Alsico, we create dresses, tunics and other healthcare wear that feature action pleats and back vents that deliver day-long comfort. We pay attention to the fine details, so our nurse uniforms feature handy zips and plenty of practical pockets - ideal for keeping them organised in the line of duty.

Clean cut design

The sleek lines and clean cut of our nurse uniforms look effortlessly professional. And that’s important when they need to look and feel their best throughout the day. Pulling on a tunic, dress, scrubs or trousers that are cut to look smart can give a real boost to performance.

Classic and carefully cut styles are instantly identifiable, reinforcing staff professionalism. Our comfortable and hard wearing nurses uniforms give them the pride in their appearance that leaves them free to get on with the job of caring for your patients.

A wide range of options

The Alsicare range is available in sizes from 8 to 24 and in thirteen different colours. Designed for diversity, these intuitive garments complement the life they lead and blends seamlessly with your employer’s colour scheme.

We’re confident you’ll find a colour and size that keeps any team member comfortable throughout a long day on the wards. Add an embroidered logo to reinforce your brand and make their role and profession instantly recognisable.

Performance materials

At Alsico we use a range of technologically advanced high-performance materials to ensure that your uniforms are easy care and can withstand industrial washing. That’s important in a healthcare environment where hygiene is paramount.

Offering excellent value for money, Alsico’s high-performance healthcare workwear doesn’t sacrifice style for practicality. With smart detailing including shaped cuff ends and rounded collars, our nurses uniforms are the perfect blend of form and function.

Never letting you down

Alsico is one of the largest suppliers of workwear in Europe. Our robust and reliable supply chain delivers over 3.5 million garments annually to the UK market and we pride ourselves on the premium quality and performance of our clothing.

The garments we supply are designed to last, however demanding your work environment. Our innovative designs and performance materials put us at the forefront of workwear and we can deliver exactly what your organisation needs, whether that’s hygienic healthcare workwear or high-performance protective clothing.

Whatever your healthcare garment needs, at Alsico we won’t let you down.