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Nursery and Childcare Uniforms

Nursery and Childcare Uniforms

Nursery and Childcare Uniforms

We admire nursery staff and anyone else involved in childcare. What could be more rewarding than helping youngsters get the best start in life? Nursery teachers work with children from 3 to 5 years but we know other childcare opportunities may involve working with much older children. In both cases the foundation is supporting the development and learning of children. Day to day activities whether they are indoor or outdoor will mean you are involved in building children’s skills and encouraging good behaviour.

Of course as well as interacting with parents and children there’s a lot of ‘back office’ work as well: Planning lessons, keeping meticulous records, liaising with other professionals and so on. It’s actually a very long list which means nursery and childcare roles are involving and challenging.

There are job opportunities in the state and private sector: everything from play assistants to nannies. One day, you may even decide to run your own nursery. Whichever area you operate in it’s important to look professional to inspire confidence and trust. This will help reassure parents. But there’s a practical angle as well. Paint, crayons and food and such like aren’t kind to clothes. Therefore nursery and childcare uniforms are a practical solution to the demands of the job.

We design and make a wide range of tunics designed specifically for the health and care sectors. They are durable and are comfortable and easy to clean. Whether for men or for women, our tunics are packed with features. For example, our Female Tunic – Sailor Navy comes complete with a rounded collar, concealed zip front fastening, back vents with action pleats and more pockets than you’d expect. It’s a similar story with our other tunics and a wide range of sizes and colours are available. Our patented A Frame Tunics are worth a special mention.  They incorporate open arm holes and internal mesh for maximum comfort and are designed specifically for warm work conditions involving a lot of stretching, lifting and bending. You choice of logo or name can be added to any tunic.

If your work doesn’t require a uniform we also have a range of casual wear work clothes including tee-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies and shells.  Our casual workwear is designed to be able to cope with repeated use. Some garments can have a logo added including the industrial launderable polo shirt. Individual pieces from this range can be teamed up with garments from your existing wardrobe.  For many, this is the perfect compromise solution to what to wear on the job.