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Modern Nurses Unform

Modern Nurses Unform

Modern Nurses Unform

A modern nurses uniform should be stylish and up to the job. Is yours? Nurses’ uniforms have come a long way.  The very best are made of high performance fabrics and are designed around the demands of the job. But at the same time todays best designs are flattering and comfortable.

In recent years uniform manufacturers have moved away from designs that nowadays are thought to be too clinical. Yes, you want colleagues to respect you but it’s also important to generate confidence in patients who need to view staff as approachable.  If you conducted a patient survey what would they say about your uniforms?

When budgets are being squeezed it can be tempting to defer the purchase of uniforms. But if your uniforms are showing signs of wear and tear it can be a false economy.  Nurses who feel positive about their appearance are likely to deliver a better service and will build a batter rapport with patients. Few people outside the profession really appreciate how demanding nursing jobs are, in all their diversity. Frayed cuffs, fasteners that don’t work or stains that won’t come out, mean uniforms can end up looking shabby.

There is another way. Uniforms can create a friendly, approachable impression while at the same time maintaining the highest professional standards; uniforms that will also support your organisation’s hygiene policy and keep their good looks even after repeated washings. That’s the Alsicare way. Modern nurses’ uniforms in superior fabrics designed to be comfortable in the most demanding nursing environments. And they look good too.

Choose from a wide range of uniform designs for both male and female nurses including our exclusive premium range of A-Frame/A-Move tunics. But we’ve also enhanced classics such as Nurses Step-In Panelled Dresses which are available in a wide range of plain and stripe fabrics. We also offer an embroidery service for most nurses’ garments so names or logos can be added. Take a look at our range and see for yourself.