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Medical and Healthcare Uniforms UK

Medical and Healthcare Uniforms UK

Medical and Healthcare Uniforms UK

There is an almost a bewildering choice of medical uniforms on offer. But how do you find the right ones?  Gone are the days when white ruled UK medical and healthcare uniforms. As unforms have undergone a quiet revolution, and become less monochrome, it’s become more important to pick uniforms wisely.

Why buy Healthcare Uniforms from Alsicare?

Return on investment not with-standing, we understand your choice will have to comply with a uniform policy.  The right design will come down to fit and comfort, and colour.  In other words, design. And it’s unwise to leave patients out of the equation since one of the primary purposes of a uniform is to instill a sense of trust in patients.

Take colour. We understand that many healthcare employers – particularly hospitals and care homes – colour code their uniforms to make it easy to identify employee roles. This is exactly one of the reasons why Alsicare offer a wide colour choice: to help you make this possible. And if your staff are responsible for buying their own uniforms there’s nothing in our range of plain colours or stripes that’s going to be outlandish. Point your staff in our direction and you can rule out any mistakes with leopard print, florals or neon colours. 

Colour is Important!

If colour is an important element of your uniform policy you will find it helpful to know our healthcare tunics are available in stripes or plain colours. And some designs are available in wide range of colours including Mint, Lilac and Bottle Green. Alternatively, if you prefer white as the base colour, tunics are available with a choice of coloured trims including Navy, Jade or Burgundy.  And of course, there’s a choice of styles.

It’s a similar story with our nurses’ dresses. These reflect the same commitment to offering style and colour choice. Our Step-In Panel Dresses are available in plain or striped fabric with some plain styles available in more than 6 colours.

In short we make it as easy as possible for us to be your main supplier of medical uniforms in the UK.