Boiler Suits and Work Overalls For Mechanics

Overalls, coveralls or boiler suits are essential workwear for mechanics, keeping the wearer clean and safe throughout the day.

Alsico are specialists in the supply of boiler suits for mechanics and stock a wide variety of choices with varying features. These include reflective tape to improve visibility, something which could be extremely beneficial if the wearer needs to be seen easily by drivers of moving vehicles.

The Alsico range of overalls include basic Alsi suits and those with added knee pockets, reflective tape or both. These offer excellent value for money and have plenty of pockets for convenience.

These quality suits are also made to work in, meaning that they offer the freedom of movement that mechanics often need in order to get the job done.

Kneepads can also be bought separately and can offer all the protection needed for mechanics who have to spend large amounts of time kneeling down. The pads protect the clothes and the knees, making picking up a tear or an injury far less likely.

There is also the option to purchase cotton rich (315gsm) boiler suits, which offer similar amounts of protection and superior levels of comfort, particularly in a hot garage during the summer months.

As with other items from Alsico, these can also be embroidered, making them ideal for garages who want workers to look like they are a part of a professional team.

Gryzko overalls are another premium option, offering excellent versatility, movement, durability and practicality. There is the standard suit, a bi-colour version and the Ultimate option.

Two-colour suits can inject an extra distinguishing factor, to make mechanics stand out from the crowd, while the Ultimate Gryzko Coveralls offer added features for comfort and performance.

All of the Alsico options are designed to be able to cope well with industrial washing and to ensure that tools of the trade can be kept close at hand, if that is what’s required.