Mechanic Uniforms

Enjoy style and substance with Gryzko® Bi-Colour workwear

When a job is physically demanding, it is understandable that any worker would expect performance from the clothing they wear. And that's precisely what is on offer with Gryzko® mechanic workwear. You don't just get style, you get substance, too.

More than just mechanic uniforms

Gryzko® Bi-Colour Coveralls are one of the best choices for all-round performance, and make great mechanic uniforms thanks to the extended research our design team have done to ensure the fit is perfect for the wearer. Our Gryzko® range extends far beyond an engaging design, they are designed toperform well and to last a long time. Twin needle stitching ensures that the coveralls last - and for team members who are on the move all day this is a vital characteristic in workwear. It also means that the coveralls can withstand industrial cleaning to shift tough stains.

Also available as a two-piece

The Gryzko® Bi-Colour mechanic workwear range also includes a jacket and cargo trousers. The jacket uses the same contrast colouring as the coveralls, so they can switch between the two without compromising the uniform. As with the coveralls, the jacket also features large pockets for handy and secure storage while they are on the move. The Gryzko® cargo trousers feature side elastication at the waist for comfort, which they'll appreciate if their activities require a great deal of movement throughout the day. The seat and leg seams features triple needle stitching  for extra reinforcement, while the rest of the seams are twin needled.

Do the team need something a little lighter for when they get too warm? In line with Gryzko's styling and durable construction, the casual wear range includes a simple polo t-shirt with a contrast stripe on the collar, and side vents for additional breathability. It's easy to wash thanks to the durable polyester fabric, and the reinforced shoulders and neck seams ensures that it won't suffer wear and tear as easily as a standard polo shirt.