Alsico community mask

All you need to go outside

A reusable community mask, made of synthetic fabric with proven filtration capacity, industrially washable. Compliant to NBN/DTD S 65-001:2020. Good for you, good for your community, good for your company and good for the environment.


Return to normal life, while caring for the community

Wearing a mask means that you limit the possibility of spreading germs or viruses.

By wearing a mask you take care of others. While others take care of you.

Synthetic fabric with high filtration capacity

Reusable & washable

Comfortable ergonomic fit, easy to adjust


All you need to return
to normal life


  • Proven filtration capacity
    • +90% for 5 micron
    • +75% for 0.3 micron
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Industrially washable (up to 100x)
  • Comfortable ergonomic design: lightweight and easily adjustable with sliding system and cord lock
  • Cheaper than disposable masks*
  • Carbon neutral
  • Recyclable to new raw materials

* Consider Life Cycle cost: an Alsico mask that you can reuse 100 times costs you considerably less per use compared to the price of a single use disposable mask. On top carbon neutral Alsico masks are ready to be recycled, while disposables are burnt.



The Alsico mask is made from a synthetic low linting fabric. Most natural fibres, like cotton, don’t have this low linting property, and will release a lot more of these tiny particles. Furthermore natural fibres such as cotton, absorb moisture which is an environment preferred by bacteria and viruses.

  • The polyester fabric is lightweight, strong and doesn’t absorb much moisture. Natural fibres expand and absorb moisture more easily, which is an environment preferred by bacteria and viruses.
  • The filament fibres have a uniform structure which natural fibres don’t have.
  • Performance of the fabric is not affected by subsequent washing.


The fabric used for the Alsico mask has a filtration capacity of more than 90% for particles larger than 5 micron and more than 75% for particles of 0.3 micron.


The fabric meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.


No hassle! The Alsico mask has an ergonomic proprietary design and can be adjusted easily thanks to a sliding system of the straps and the cord lock.

Technical info

All you need to return
to normal life

This mask will only be effective if you wear it correctly.
Please read carefully the user instructions.


When the mask is feeling damp or you have worn it for 4 hours
uninterruptedly you should change it.


Wash before first use and before each reuse

  • Domestic wash at 60-95°C with standard detergent (min. 30 minutes)
  • Do not use softeners
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry in normal cycle
  • Do not iron
  • No dry cleaning

Comfort / Experience

  • Alsico is a long standing producer of this type of mask, supplying essentially the pharmaceutical industry. The experience taught us how to design an ergonomic and comfortable facemask.
  • An ingenious proprietary system of ribbons that slide through the sides of the mask makes the mask very practical and easy to put on and take off. This minimizes the risk of contamination by improper use.
  • The sliding system and the cord lock ensure that the mask is perfectly adapted to the physiognomy of the wearer. This ensures that the mask is very comfortable when worn, while it also guarantees that the mask fits well on the face.
  • The synthetic fabric ensure a lightweight mask with excellent filtration capacity and very low moisture pick up to enhance your wearing comfort.

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Alsico is a world leader in clean room clothing, workwear and protective clothing. We design, produce and distribute carbon neutral workwear based on the wearer’s needs.


The Alsico mask is not a medical device nor a personal protection equipment. Using this mask constitutes by no means a reason not to follow or reduce all current rules established by health authorities like e.g. social distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene protocols, etc . Follow the guidelines of the government when and where to wear these masks. This mask is not in conformity with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC nor the regulation (EU)2017/745 for medical devices. (used standard EN14683:2019)This mask shall not be used in circumstances where masks compliant to this regulation are needed. This mask is not in conformity with het PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. (used standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009This mask shall not be used in circumstances where masks compliant to this regulation are needed. This mask is not designed to prevent your lungs from airborne risks. This product is not suitable for children younger than 3 years due to choking hazard. Children wearing a community mask, should be supervised. Wear it max 4h or until it feels damp. Wearing a mask requires adjustment. The wearer will have the feeling to have less breathing air. This is normal, the masks works. The mask can not be used during heavy exertion like e.g. intensive sports. Read the user instructions carefully. Alsico NV cannot be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect use of the masks, nor for using it in situations where products are needed that need to comply either with, he medical device directive and/or the PPE regulation. Use of the mask other than described above is at own risk Alsico NV is not responsible if the wear and tear is quicker than the max number of washes. The product should be checked before each use. Product warranty is excluded.