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Making Your Business Personal

Making Your Business Personal

Making Your Business Personal

When it comes to company branding and marketing, using your company logo on employee workwear is a simple and cost-effective tool. Not only does embroidered workwear act as a form of advertisement, inspiring interest and recognition with your company, but it can also help unite your workforce. Giving everyone matching clothing with your workplace logo on will instill a sense of unity and ensure that your team all look the part. Easily distinguishable as employees and clearly part of your team - it’s the perfect solution.

At Alsico, we offer a range of options when it comes to branding your company clothing. Our embroidery service uses modern, hi-tech machinery to intricately stitch any logo in a variety of colours and designs onto all types of clothing, including high visibility & flame retardant garments. We also offer heat seal badges and transfer badges, which are great for industrial clothing and intended for industrial laundering.

However, our embroidery service continues to be popular due to the timeless style and quality of the stitching and its versatility on a range of clothing types. It is also a durable and long lasting logo option that can be laundered domestically. In short, embroidered workwear is a low cost, long lasting and effective way to brand your workforce's clothing.

Embroidered clothing can be used for office wear, outdoor clothing or industrial workwear in a variety of positions - although popular locations often include the chest, sleeve or back. Whatever your needs, budget or design, we are confident that we can bring your company logo to life on your employees’ workwear.

So use our embroidery service today to bring a touch of personalisation and professionalism to your firm. You'll be glad that you did.