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Nursing and Care Home Uniforms

Nursing and Care Home Uniforms

Nursing and Care Home Uniforms

Personnel at nursing and care homes have a challenging but rewarding job. As well as tending to the health and welfare needs of residents, staff need to be a reassuring presence. The right work wear can help them to work to the highest standards by creating a smart and professional appearance while ensuring that they are comfortable as they go about their daily tasks.


Nursing home uniforms and care home uniforms need to be practical and durable to withstand the physical demands of the work. Our uniforms are expertly crafted using only the best quality fabrics. Accordingly, they are long lasting and can be laundered repeatedly without showing tell-tale signs of wear and tear. As an example of this thoughtful design, we offer a tunic for female staff which cleverly incorporates action pleats for ease of movement as well as being made from heavy duty material which is suitable for industrial laundering.


In addition to being functional, care home uniforms need to be comfortable so that staff are not hindered or restricted as they work. Our range of work wear includes, for example, ladies' bootleg trousers which loosely skim the figure for style and comfort. These are manufactured from a strong and resilient fabric which won't interfere with body temperature, leaving them cool and relaxed.


Those needing nursing home uniforms always stress that their appearance is critical to their work. They need to exude cleanliness, efficiency and professionalism. Our tunics and trousers, for example, whether they are for nursing staff or receptionists, are designed to appear smart and crisp in order to instil confidence in every team member.

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