Doctors & Lab Coats

Professional & lightweight lab and doctors coats 

When you’re looking for high quality and professional coats for doctors, other medical professionals, and those involved in laboratory work, Alsico delivers. From the fit to the fabric to the little details, everything about our lab and doctors coat range says quality, durability and professionalism.

Day-long comfort

Doctor’s coats commonly identify the leaders in their field, but it has other valuable functions. Our range of lab coats for sale are extremely comfortable, with great attention paid to fit and shaping for the ultimate day-long wear. Made from the best technical fabrics available, your lab coat is breathable and will keep you cool even when you’re under pressure.

Look for the essentials

According to health & safety guidance, a good doctor and lab coat should feature long sleeves with gathered wrists to prevent cross contamination and exposure of the arms. It should have a snap fastening for quick removal in the event of a hazardous spill and be composed of materials that are appropriate to the task, such as a combination of polyester and cotton for general lab and ward work. Our Alsico lab coat covers these specifications and features a generous longer length to protect the legs. Manufactured from high quality technical fabrics, this cost-effective lab coat is the choice of professionals.

What is the use of a lab coat?

Not only does a lab coat serve as an easy badge of identity, but it serves to protect your clothes from everything, including everyday spills to chemicals and other fluids.

Does a lab coat protect you?

Yes, a doctor and lab coat should offer protection and prevent the spread of contamination from work to home. An example of this is our Alsico Chem Splash Lab Coat (245gsm) which has long sleeves with knitted cuffs to protect the wrists and arms, as well as being made from a special polyester/cotton fabric blend tested to BS EN 13034 for chemical resistant materials. 

What style of lightweight lab coats are available?

We have a range of lightweight coats to be worn in the lab, by doctors, and in the food industry, ideal for day long wear. These include:

  • The Alsi Coat - our standard and most inexpensive option for medical professionals and lab workers, available in a variation of colours.
  • Chem Splash Lab Coats - we have this in the classic style and the Howie style, both offering slightly more cover and protection compared to the Alsi Coat.
  • Lab Coat - this is also an inexpensive option with stud front fastening, high neck and cuffed sleeves.
  • Selection of Food Coats - various different styles to choose from based on the level of protection and cover needed, available in an assortment of colours.

Both unisex and specific fits for men are available in our work coats range, with exposed stud fastening for easy removal in a hurry, as well as high necklines, cuffed sleeves and longer lengths for maximum cover and protection for exposed skin and clothes. We can also provide anti-static coats, suitable for your specialism.

What is a Howie style lab coat?

We have two styles of Chem Splash Lab Coats, the standard style and Howie style. The Howie offers more protection with a standing collar, wraparound, stud front fastening, and cuffed, long sleeves. Whereas, the standard is similar to our Alsi Coat but longer in length and fabric is tested to BS EN 13034 or equivalent.

Does Alsico provide personalised lab coats?

Yes, our well designed and manufactured lab coats are easy to customise with your choice of embroidery. You can add your name, place of work and specialism, for example, making you a walking ambassador and giving your patients the confidence that they’re seeing the right specialist in the right environment.