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Introducing ALSIFLEX® Hi-Vis

Introducing ALSIFLEX® Hi-Vis

Our technical experts have crafted three new innovative hi-vis products featuring our ALSIFLEX® high stretch fabric technology.

The new stretch fabric has pushed the boundaries of innovation in hi-vis workwear, not only increasing the comfort and flexibility of our products but it is also manufactured from renewable sources which supports our mission to protect the planet. 

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What are the benefits of the ALSIFLEX Hi-visibility fabric?

• Using bio-based, renewable and recycled fibres, we have created a fabric which offers performance and durability whilst contributing to the conservation of our land and society.

• With a minimum of 25% weft (horizontal) stretch, the fabric will bend, flex and move with your body ensuring that your uniform does not become a hindrance to your mobility.

• Using advanced innovations in stretch fibres, our unique stretch fabric is suitable for industrial laundry due to the patented fibre technology used. The fibre is highly durable and capable of withstanding the high heat used within multiple industrial laundry wash and drying conditions.

• The filament weft yarn structure has been found through testing to reduce the amount of fibre shed (when compared to a standard staple yarn) during washing, therefore reducing the amount of micro fibres which find their way back into our water systems, impacting the health of our natural world.

• Our choice of yarns allows for a smooth and softer handle right out the packet, ensuring that you are comfortable from the word go!

How will this fabric improve the comfort and durability of the garments for the wearer?

The addition of a high stretch element increases the ability to bend, flex and move your body ensuring that your uniform does not become a hindrance to your mobility. Our choice of yarns also allows for a smoother and softer handle right out the packet, ensuring that you’re comfortable from the word go!

How is ALSIFLEX® fabric different to available fabrics which contain stretch fibres?

Our patented stretch yarn technology matches existing products on the market in heat performance. It can be industrial washed at 85°C and tunnel dried, not losing any of the outstanding stretch performance. However, the weft stretch performance is greater, at a minimum of 25% and has a much quicker shape recovery when compared to other products, therefore a much better shape retention performance. Other products have a similar function but can only be washed at lower 60°C temperatures. Elastane and lycra stretch fibres are not durable to industrial launder conditions.

What is the composition of the ALSIFLEX® Hi-visibility fabric?

Our hi-visibility fabric is 100% polyester, this is to ensure the ultimate chromonisity and luminosity in our colourways be able to create garments which achieve EN 20471 and RIS-3479-TOM. Due to the smoother yarn technology used in ALSIFLEX the hi-vis provides the same comfort and handle as our workwear fabric.

Are the recycled and sustainable elements fully certified?

Alsico have a full traceable and verified certifications for all the sustainable, renewable and recycled fibres used which includes Oeko-tex and GRS certificates.

How is the polyester made?

Our polyester is manufactured using bio-based fibres, which reduced the reliance on the use of petrochemicals that are harmful to our environment. This is blended with pre and post consumer waste reducing the amount of non-perishable waste taken to landfills. A sustainable system, which recycles waste and converts it back into chips, which can then be extruded into recycled polyester yarns. The circular nature of this recycling means that we can start to contribute to reducing the use of petroleum manufacture across the globe.

How stretchy is the fabric?

With a minimum of 25% weft (horizontal) stretch, this fabric offers unique and a highly visible amount of stretch yet retains the durability of a standard workwear fabric. With the stretch applied along the width of the fabric, the flexibility is increased when worn, giving fantastic shape retention and ensures that your uniform will stay looking as professional as the day you first wore it.

What is the stretch technology used?

It is a patented yarn technology that utilises the fibre construction at a molecular level to give a permanent stretch extension and recovery.

How long will the stretch last, will it wash out?

The stretch properties are permanent. Extensive testing, repeat industrial washing and our own wearer trials have proven that our fabric is suitable for industrial laundry and will have the same stretch and shape retention performance throughout the lifetime of the garment.

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