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Hygienic Nurses Uniforms

Hygienic Nurses Uniforms

Hygienic Nurses Uniforms

It’s no accident that the construction of our uniforms is designed to keep germs at bay. It’s important that uniforms don’t encourage the harbour and transfer of bacteria.  Outbreaks of bugs such as MRSA are widely publicised in the press and the UK is not immune to outbreaks. The potential of healthcare uniforms  to pose a risk to patients is gaining momentum and is exactly why it’s essential to source hygienic nurses uniforms.

As if to prove a point, whilst browsing the internet we came across a study which reveals the extent to which doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms may harbour bacteria. The 2011 study reported that as many as 60% of uniforms worn by doctors and nurses were home to harmful bacteria in the chest, sleeves and pockets. But here’s the surprising thing. Nurses’ uniforms were 3 times more likely to carry bacteria including MRSA which can cause contagious staph infections.

The researchers noted that while the potential of uniforms to transmit infections is unclear the strains of bacteria found are from drug resistant strains. The presence of these in close proximity to patients with weakened immune systems is obviously undesirable. And if these risks occur in developed countries, the chance of them being present in developing countries is about 20 times higher.

We all agree that hospital management has an obligation to minimise the risk of infection.  Tackling infection is something that’s done on many levels. Processes play a big part but also using uniforms designed with hygiene in mind.

That’s where we can help. Our nurses uniforms are designed to help you fight the threat of cross contamination while at the same time being comfortable to wear. Most of our garments share the same design features. Zips are concealed and sleeves are short.

Most garments also feature 2 breast pockets including a polyurethane pen pocket, and 2 lower front hip pockets making tunics and dresses practical. Ease of movement is supported by back vents with action pleats and in some cases open arm holes and internal mesh for ease of movement – our unique A-Frame system.