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Hospital Uniforms

Hospital Uniforms

Hospital Uniforms

When did you last review your private hospital’s uniforms? If they aren’t innovative they may not be serving you well.

We understand that delivering premium healthcare and fast access to expert consultants is what sets private hospitals apart. Providing top notch individual care and customer service require a bottom up approach to quality. In a nutshell we believe every member of staff has to be committed and able to deliver the best possible service, safely.

Hospital uniforms make an important contribution to maintaining your hospital’s reputation. Staff like to appear smart and be comfortable and patients are reassured by professional looking staff. But you have an eye on the bottom line, performance and safety. For example, your private hospital may make much of the fact it’s free of MRSA and C-difficile.

With these requirements in mind Alsicare designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative hospital uniforms: from scrub suits to dresses, tunics and more. All garments can be embroidered with your hospital logo to add that extra touch of branding.

What sets our clothing apart? Alsicare hospital uniforms are designed to be “100% fit for purpose”. This means superior performance: hardwearing, practical and comfortable. They look good too.

Design is critical for us: from the fabric to the structure.

Hospital uniforms are a potential source of cross contamination. Take the humble cuff. It can easily harbour germs. Our panel dresses and doctors coats are cuff free. In fact our complete range of hospital uniforms is designed to minimise the risk of contamination and keep their looks even after deep or steam cleaning. 

Unique to Alsicare is our A-move technology which allows maximum movement and comfort. This is important in roles where people are continuously stretching and lifting. A-move clothing has special panels incorporated into the garment. Not only do these insure comfort they also keep the wearer cool - an important consideration given that hospitals tend to be warm.

Hospital uniforms don’t always get the attention they deserve. But if you want to maintain a superior service they are too important not to revisit.