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High Visibility

Alsico offers a range of hi vis workwear garments available in yellow and orange, meeting the highest standard of performance. They comply with the requirements of EN ISO 20471:2013, and offer an ideal combination of protection, wearer comfort and long-term durability.

Reflective clothing to increase workforce safety

We offer a variety of hi vis workwear, including hi vis jackets, vests, t-shirts, trousers & overalls. If your job requires you to wear reflective clothing, or if you're a manager or employer and you need to kit out your team with hi vis garments, we can help. 

Our hi vis clothing is designed to be comfortable to wear, easy to care for and durable. Manufactured to be able to withstand repeated industrial laundering, meaning you don't need to worry about wear and tear.

All of our hi vis garments have heavy duty reflective strips to improve visibility. Many of our items also feature touches like knitted storm cuffs, two-way zips, taped seams and multiple pockets. There's nothing worse than wearing badly fitting, uncomfortable or impractical workwear, so at Alsico, we endeavour to keep all our clients both safe and comfortable at all times.

We have lightweight hi vis vests and waistcoats, ideal for slipping on over regular clothes for site visits or wearing in warmer weather, and a variety of warmer and more heavy-duty items.

All of our reflective clothing is available in a variety of fits and sizes, enabling you to find your perfect match, or to offer a range of sizes to suit everyone in your team. Many of our hi vis items go up to size 6XL, and some of our items are available in a choice of different fits. Find out more using our size guide.

When should you wear high visibility clothing?

Hi vis clothing should always be worn when being seen by others is absolutely key to your safety and protection at work.

What are the three classes of high visibility clothing?

The three classes of hi vis workwear are set out to make sure manufacturers meet hi vis standards and ensure workers safety is increased at work. This is determined by the surface area of the material and the degree of reflection. 

  • Class 1 requires a minimum of 0.14m2 of fluorescent material and 0.1m2 of reflective tape.
  • Class 2 requires a minimum of 0.5m2 of fluorescent material and 0.13m2 of reflective tape.
  • Class 3 requires a minimum of 0.8m2 fluorescent material and 0.2m2 of reflective tape.

What is the reflective material for clothing?

Glass bead reflective tape is the most common material used for increasing the visibility of the individual wearing reflective clothing. The majority of our hi vis garments are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, and they all have reflective tape incorporated in their design.

Who wears high visibility clothing?

Hi vis workwear is most commonly worn by railway workers, construction workers, highway workers, airport staff and anywhere where working near traffic or in low visibility conditions is part of the job.

What is the best hi vis colour?

Yellow is the most traditional form of hi vis clothing, whilst orange is used for railway hi vis clothing as it must conform to RIS-TOM-3279. We stock a range of hi vis workwear in both yellow and orange.