High Visibility FR Protection

Alsico offers a range of HV Orange garments which meet the highest standard of performance. They comply with the requirements of EN ISO 20471:2013, and offer an ideal combination of protection, wearer comfort and long term durability.

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Hi Vis FR Workwear Protecting You Against Multiple Hazards

As with our standard hi vis workwear range, our hi vis flame retardant workwear meets the three high visibility garment classes of the EN standard. Alsico stock hi vis FR retardant jackets, coveralls, and trousers within this range. All are designed to withstand repeated industrial laundering.

What hazards does hi vis flame retardant (FR) workwear protect against?

Our hi vis FR workwear is manufactured from a combination of the latest high quality and technical fabrics to protect the individual wearer against a number of hazards they may encounter whilst at work. These include flames, welding spatter, the electric arc, railway work, low visibility conditions, and static.

Which standards are met by our high visibility FR protection?

All of our high visibility FR protection garments comply with the three hi vis clothing classes, meeting the EN ISO 20471:2013 requirements. 

  • Starting with the minimum requirements that have to be met, Class 1 asks a manufacturer to produce garments with a minimum of 0.14m2 of fluorescent material and 0.1m2 of reflective tape.
  • Class 2 asks for a minimum of 0.5m2 of fluorescent material and 0.13m2 of reflective tape.
  • Class 3 is the highest standard to be met, asking manufacturers to produce garments with a minimum of 0.8m2 fluorescent material and 0.2m2 of reflective tape.

What is the best hi vis FR workwear?

Our most popular high visibility FR garments with customers are:

  • Gryzko Hi Vis FR Contrast Coverall
  • Hi-Vis Railway Multi-Protect Jacket
  • Hi-Vis Multi-Protect Trouser