Hi Vis Workwear Supplier

When you need to be safe and to be seen, Hi Vis workwear plays an imperative role. We offer a complete range of HV orange and HV yellow garments, designed to meet the highest standards of performance, durability and comfort. Whether you require coveralls, trousers, shirts or jackets, we stock Hi Vis garments conforming to EN ISO 20471 & RIS-3279-TOM

Our Hi Vis ranges are manufactured from the most technologically advanced fabrics available and allow the wearer to perform their job in the knowledge that they’ll stand out in any situation, including adverse weather and poor light conditions. To achieve the correct level of protection, Hi Vis clothing should always be worn correctly, with the reflective strips and fluorescent fabric visible at all times.

Hi Visibility workwear is designed to distinguish the wearer from any background so that they’re visible in all conditions and from any angle. Our range of Hi Vis jackets, trousers and other apparel consists of three main elements for EN ISO 20471 compliance:
Fluorescent material that is visible during bright sunlight and at night, used on the front and back and both sides of the body.
Contrast material on dirt sensitive areas like knees, sleeves and abdomen.
Reflective strips for visibility during the darker hours of the day. These are found on the legs, sleeves and sides of the garment.
Our Hi Vis workwear is sized to ensure the correct distribution of fluorescent and reflective material and we will apply any logos to the contrast material where possible.

Some of our Hi Visibility workwear garments are made to order to ensure the precise distribution of fluorescent and reflective materials. Details like action backs, buttoned pockets and twin stitching ensure that each garment is comfortable and durable, allowing your workforce to operate in high risk environments safe in the knowledge that they’re highly visible.