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Help with Buying College Uniforms

Help with Buying College Uniforms

Help with Buying College Uniforms

Why not ask our dedicated Education Liaison Officer for help choosing and ordering college uniforms? When you order take advantage of our special discount code only available to students, colleges and universities.

Buying college uniforms may sound strange. But each year thousands of parents are tasked with buying uniforms for college and university students. If your children are taking beauty courses, medicine, sciences including veterinary or even agricultural degrees they will need uniforms that other students don’t.

Buy professional quality

At Alsicare we understand the rigours of these courses.

That’s exactly why a professional quality uniform is just what’s needed. We’ve got lab coats for student doctors, biochemists, vets, agriculturists and even scrubs. We also design and produce beautician’s tunics. Perfect for hairdressing and beauty therapy courses or possibly massage and holistic therapy study.

While it may never be possible to make a fashionable lab or doctor’s coat we do make lab coats in a range of styles and colours. Even a lab coat specifically tailored for ladies. And because our lab coats are made to withstand demanding environments, they’ll withstand anything students throw at them. So whether your son or daughter is working in a mucky field, in the lab or cutting hair, we design and produce a uniform that’s the first choice of professionals.

Discounted prices and personalised design

Students and colleges can also take advantage of our embroidery service. A student’s name or university logo can be embroidered onto any uniform.