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Heat and Flame Protective Workwear

Heat and Flame Protective Workwear

Heat and Flame Protective Workwear

Good flame protective workwear is not just about being comfortable or affordable; it is about keeping people safe. This is why there is no room for compromise and why you need the combination of quality, choice and value-for-money offered by our range of heat protective workwear.

Our collection of our FR clothing is designed to offer premium protection in the case of contact with flames, as well as keeping the wearer safe from the effects of radiant heat. There are also garments to suit all industries, including jackets, trousers, fire retardant overalls, shirts and welder’s hoods.

There is also a range of different fabric options available to ensure that our garments perfectly match the safety needs and practical requirements of individual businesses and specific industries. There are items made from 100% flame retardant cotton and those created using 86% Cotton Proban, along with 12% nylon and 2% anti-static material. Other options include a mix of cotton and polyester, known as Zeus FR which is Industrial Launderable.

In addition to a choice of garments and materials, there is also an option to choose the right accreditation for specific needs and industries. This ensures that safety standards are always met and employers can feel confident that their workforces - and business reputations - are being properly protected.

Our heat and flame protective workwear is designed to protect but also to perform. This means that the garments offer superior safety features and are designed for ease of movement and utility.

All garments are made to the highest standards, using quality materials and manufacturing methods that guarantee that they are as comfortable and durable as they are safe and secure. This ensures that an investment in heat protective workwear is always money well spent.