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Flame Retardant

A range of garments designed to protect the wearer against contact with flame, radiant heat from the arc and static.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our FR Workwear

Our fire and flame retardant (FR) range is designed to protect the individual wearer in various hazardous environments. Our fire retardant overalls, trousers and jackets have technical capabilities to shield against welding spatter, flames, an electric arc, static, and low-light working conditions.

What is flame retardant clothing?

Flame retardant clothing is made from a specific combination of fabrics, whether that be 100% FR cotton, a mixture of FR cotton, polyester, anti-static with an FC finish, or FR treated cotton. This combination of fabrics will work to protect the individual wearer when they come into contact with or are working near extreme heat or open flames.

In our range, we also stock FR clothing that has been made using Proban® fabric which uses a high performance chemical providing excellent flame resistance. This range includes flame retardant overalls, flame retardant trousers, flame retardant jackets, as well as accessories.

What is the best fire resistant clothing?

The most popular FR clothing with our clients is:

  • Coverall made with Phoenix
  • Coverall made with Zeus FR
  • Trouser made withh Phoenix
  • Gryzko FR Jacket
  • Gryzko FR Coverall

Which professions mainly require anti-static workwear?

Various professions work in areas where there is a possibility of electrostatic discharge, which is why providing workwear with anti-static components is extremely important. This range is most popular with the following industries; welding, engineering, electricians, mechanics, railway, warehouse workers and many more.

What are the best fireproof overalls? 

  • Coverall made with Phoenix
  • Coverall with reflective tape and made from Phoenix
  • Gryzko® FR Coverall
  • Coverall made with Zeus FR
  • Coverall with reflective tape and made from Zeus FR