Global Manufacturing / Production

Over 80 years of experience in garment manufacturing

With 22 factories, in 11 countries over 4 continents, employing 8,000 employees, we truly are a global company with global reach. 

All of our production units, with local management are owned by the Alsico Group and exclusive to us. 

The size of our global manufacturing operation means we can deliver the quickest lead times on the market today. We have full control of our supply chain and resources, therefore we can successfully manage the requirements of multiple contracts and clients across the world. All of this gives us the capability to respond to your order and your delivery date in a timely fashion. If we don’t have the items you want in stock or you have requested bespoke products, we have the manpower, the materials and the infrastructure to deliver.

Our factory in Morocco is the most flexible manufacturing unit in the world and can respond to orders quickly, large or small.

The Alsico Group is the largest purchaser of workwear fabrics in Europe, which not only helps us give you competitive products at competitive prices, it means we are able to source the most technically advanced fabrics available. Sourcing, developing and bringing innovative workwear solutions to market is at the heart of what we do. The Group has access and awareness of the latest European designs and trends.