Softshell Work Jackets for the Colder Weather

With the weather getting colder, the biggest concern for outdoor workers is to remain warm during the autumn and winter months. When provided with the resources and equipment needed to work comfortably, it’s no surprise that employee performance levels have been proven to rise.

Similarly, the failure to provide appropriate clothing can have fairly damaging consequences. When interviewing workers in the food industry, for example, researchers working for I.Buss & Allan Uniforms found that:

A waitress complained that managers never consulted the customer-contact employees when they selected uniforms… her uniform’s loose-fitting sleeves draped down into food when she served and cleared plates… self-consciousness [about her dirty sleeves] made it more difficult for her to interact with guests in a friendly manner.”

This is just one example of the costly impact that staff being supplied with incorrect or inappropriate uniforms can have on a business.

With this in mind, it’s crucial that any staff members working outdoors regularly are provided with uniforms that guarantee both warmth and durability.

Of course, when it comes to buying uniforms, employers want to keep costs low whilst investing in garments that are proven to last.

At Alsico, we’re determined to provide smart solutions that tick both these boxes.

One example of this is our range of softshell work jackets.


What is a softshell jacket?

A softshell jacket is typically lined with a polyester micro-fleece to guarantee warmth and comfort in colder conditions. This lining is topped with a three-layer waterproof bonded fabric which is covered by a polyester outer shell embedded with its own breathable membrane. This formula ensures the wearer is protected from the wind and the rain.


What are the features of a softshell work jacket?

Employees working in construction, landscape, engineering, and even the postal service will know how difficult it can be if you’re unable to focus on anything other than the cold and wet weather. With this in mind, a quality softshell jacket is:

  •       Windproof
  •       Waterproof
  •       Flexible
  •       Breathable
  •       Warm
  •       Multifunctional
  •       Designed for convenience
  •       Adjustable


What options of softshell jackets do Alsico supply?

At Alsico, we have a selection of softshell work jackets available to exceed your expectations and requirements.

  1.      Softshell Gilet - £15.95

For employees who are only looking for an extra layer of protection or an affordable option if not required to work outside every day, our Softshell Gilet is an ideal solution. Made with the traditional softshell materials, a free-standing collar has been incorporated to keep the wind off the wearer’s neck. A breast zip pocket and hand warmer pockets are also built into the jacket for greater convenience. This gilet can be worn underneath work jackets and hi visibility coats or over the top of a uniform.

Find it here:

  1.      Softshell Jacket - £19.95

The standard Softshell Jacket is an affordable option for companies who are looking for a fuss-free layer simply to provide wind and water protection. Available in both black and navy, this jacket does what it says on the tin without distracting from your company branding or service.

Find it here:

  1.      Gryzko® Lightweight Softshell Jacket - £21.95

The Gryzko® Lightweight Softshell Jacket is our take on the classic softshell jacket. With years of industry experience and knowledge on our side, we’ve created a softshell jacket that increases protection and improves performance at the same time. Manufactured with the same fool proof fabric combination, the Gryzko® Softshell Jacket is enhanced with internal pockets and reflective features to further protect your valuables and visibility as the days get darker.

Find it here:

  1.      Gryzko® Quilted Softshell Jacket - £50.95

The quilted version of our Gryzko® Softshell Jacket has the same features; detachable hood, zipped pockets and reflective tape. However, by adding a quilted liner which is padded, we added to the jacket to create a heavyweight jacket ideal for employees who endure tumultuous weather conditions on a daily basis. Whilst it steers towards the pricier end of the spectrum, this jacket has been tried and tested for durability to guarantee a lengthy lifespan.

Find it here:


What can softshell jackets be worn with?

We aim to provide a comprehensive customer journey where you can buy your entire uniform in one place at an affordable price. To answer the above question, what you wear with a softshell work jacket will depend entirely on the environment you’re going to be working in.

We have a few examples of how different industries could pair a softshell jacket with the products we stock:

  1.      Groundskeepers and landscape workers are likely to be spending all of their time outside. Therefore, we would suggest the Gryzko® Quilted Softshell Jacket matched with our Alsi Trade Trousers. Said trousers are fitted out with knee pads and an abundance of waistband holster pockets and tool loops to carry tools and equipment.
  2.      Professional engineers and technicians will be looking for a uniform that keeps them warm without getting in the way. In this case, we’d opt for the Softshell Jacket as it’s our most minimalistic style in the softshell jackets range whilst still providing the protection needed for the outdoors. We’d recommend the Gryzko® Heavyweight T-Shirt to go with this. These are perfect for providing an extra layer of warmth due to the heavyweight fabric used to produce the T-Shirt.
  3.   Using one of our niche examples who only need an extra layer when out and about. The postal service would benefit from our Softshell Gilet which can be worn over top of their current uniform and still fit under a jacket. With this in mind, we would suggest the Alsi Stud Jacket with Reflective Tape to add an extra lightweight layer over top that can be removed and added easily. All whilst increasing visibility in the early mornings.


Incorporate your brand into your softshell work jacket

All four of the softshell products mentioned are applicable for our embroidery service. Reinforce brand consistency with your uniforms and create a professional look that customers can trust by opting for our personalised workwear option.

We use a variety of techniques to do this including embroidery, heat seal and transfer badges depending on the finished look you desire. You can have just your company logo on every softshell work jacket or, if required, in addition to your logo, you can also add the department, job title, and name on each individual wearer’s softshell work jacket.

To customise your softshell jacket in line with company branding, add the garment to your cart, select the ‘click here to add embroidery’ button and follow the required steps – it’s as simple as that!


If you would like advice on which garment would suit your uniform requirements or to get some help in selecting an entire new uniform for the job role, call our team on 01772 662500 or email us at We’ve got you covered.