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Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidered Polo Shirts

We are thrilled our embroidered polo shirts are a huge success. Orders have been flying out the door from a wide range of healthcare organisations. We have two established designs and due to demand, more on the way.

Some people think a polo shirt is just a polo shirt. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What if you’re buying mixed sizes? What if you want 300 in 3 days? What if you want trade terms? Or an intricate logo on each garment? And what about polo shirts that will stand up to repeated washing or even industrial laundering? Well, we have the answers!

When we launched the Alsicare brand it was only after we rigorously researched and tested fabrics. Finding the right fabric for the job is critical to the longevity of your garment. Our casual polo shirts are perfect for everyone from nurses to health visitors to porters to gym and care home staff.

So the fabric is key, but the cut and the design detail are too. Take our Industrially Launderable Polo Shirt.  It is polyester with a very soft feel and excellent drape. It feels natural and doesn’t crease and at 230gsm is heavier than you might expect. It also offers superior levels of colour retention, perfect for commercial laundering.  You find out a thing or two about a garment when you wash it 500 times as we did in our testing! Colour availability includes White, Navy and Royal. Our embroidery service can embroider any logo using a wide range of threads including metallics.

We also offer a Premium Quality Polo Shirt. This is a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend and weighs 220gsm. This is generously sized and is available in a wide range of colours.  As well as a 3 button fastening it has a fully lined and taped neck seam to give it extra strength. And of course your choice of logo can be added.

Both polo shirts are available in sizes X-Small to XX Large and orders can be made up of different sizes at no extra cost. Trade terms are available – just contact us for more information.

More designs are on their way including a polo shirt developed specifically for golfers and physiotherapists. Watch this space!

One more important thing to mention. We’ve recently handled fulfillment for a number of promotion companies. We’re happy to fulfill orders if you’re looking for a volume of high quality embroidered polo shirts. Just contact us for more information.